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P1Harmony Spill The ‘Secret Sauce’ To Their New [P1ustage H : P1oneer] Tour

P1Harmony Spill The ‘Secret Sauce’ To Their New [P1ustage H : P1oneer] Tour


It is no surprise that P1Harmony are back on the road to meet fans again for their new [P1ustage H : P1oneer] tour, as they had such a successful turnout during their last tour! Excitingly, the members are returning to some of the same cities as last time but also making time to visit P1ece in new cities too. You can still purchase tickets for the tour. Thankfully it is not too late!

Tour Stops

January 20 – Los Angeles (Palladium)
January 22 – Oakland (Paramount Theater)
January 24 – Denver (Fillmore Auditorium)
January 26 – Houston (713 Music Hall)
January 29 – Chicago (Chicago Theater)
February 1 – Atlanta (Coca-Cola Roxy)
February 3 – Reading (Santander Arena)
February 5 – New York (Terminal 5)
February 8 – Washington D.C. (MGM National Harbor)
February 12 – Nashville (Grand Ole Opry)
February 14 – Austin (ACL Live)
February 16 – Dallas (Music Hall at Fair Park)

In celebration of the P1oneer tour, The Honey POP had the pleasure of speaking with P1Harmony about all the exciting things fans can expect from the new tour during a recent press conference. Check out the juicy details that the members shared below!

Debut To Today

The members started by speaking about how debuting during COVID impacted their career and what the transition was like to being back in person after things began going back to normal. Jongseob began by saying that they got into K-Pop because they wanted to connect with fans by performing for them in person. He also mentioned how there was a drastic difference between performing online and in-person, but they definitely improved from then until now. Keeho discussed how they select songs for their album and mentioned how they always like to include at least one song on their album that would be fun to perform live.

Future Tour Stops

Additionally, the members discussed which destinations they were hoping to visit while on tour in the future. Jiung really wants to visit New Zealand because he loves nature. Theo would like to visit Australia as the energy of Sydney P1ece left a good impression on him. Soul is interested in visiting France because he admires the architecture. Intak wants to visit Brazil because he has never experienced Latin America before and is curious about the culture. He also is confident that P1ece in Latin America will bring great energy and good vibes! Similarly, Jongseob would like to go to Spain or Latin America as well. He also gave a shoutout to all the P1ece who comment in Spanish on their videos. To no surprise, Keeho would like to go to Canada again. He never fails to rep his hometown!

New Elements During P1oneer

The members also divulged a bit about some elements they are adding to this new tour. Jiung said that they will be performing remixes of fan favorites and adding new choreo to spice things up. In Keeho’s words, “It will be the same songs but in different fonts. Just a different vibe.”

Activities While Traveling

Usually, artists have time in between shows to stop and sightsee in all the different cities, and P1Harmony will definitely have time to do that as well! Jiung mentioned how much he really wanted to try Nashville’s hot chicken while they are in Tennessee. Keeho expressed that since they are going to many new cities, they are just looking forward to soaking in the new environments and atmosphere as they tend to be quite adventurous.

Preparing For Tour

Some fans may not know, but Theo shared that he had been involved in the process of preparing for the P1oneer tour, such as developing the setlist and arranging the stage production. Keeho also discussed the difficulties they faced in trying to decide which songs to put on the setlist because they really want to give P1ece a new experience for this tour. Theo said he is looking forward to the Oakland stop because he heard many fans were going to be attending this show, and he has never been there before.

Jongseob is looking forward to Chicago because the fans are “very energetic, and they do the dances with us.” Keeho also said he loves Chicago and described Chicagoans as “warm-hearted.” Intak is looking forward to the last stop the most because he recognizes that fans usually give the most energy during the last stop. Overall, the members are excited to show P1ece how much they have improved since their last tour! Jiung said he wants P1ece to come to the show, release any stress, and have a lot of fun! He finished off by saying, “make good memories only.”

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During the conference, the members also took some time to reflect on how they have grown and stepped out of their comfort zones throughout their careers. Jongseob discussed how he grew and stepped out of his comfort zone from the many survival shows he participated in. He stated that he is very thankful for these experiences because he learned a lot. In addition, Jiung likes to work alone when creating music, but he adjusted his creative style when joining P1Harmony, and that is exactly what he did while working on ‘Follow Me.’ Jiung voiced how thankful he was to have stepped out of his comfort zone to work on the song together with the other members and their producers.

Being Pioneers

Relating to the title of their new tour, the members had the chance to discuss if there was anything new that they would like to introduce to the K-Pop industry through their music. Keeho exclaimed that their song ‘Follow Me’ is special to them as it conveys to fans that the members want them to follow P1Harmony wherever they go and stay with them along the journey. And since they are planning to go to a lot of new places, the members want P1ece to always stay by their side

Which song are you looking forward to hearing live during the P1oneer tour? Let us know by leaving a comment below or sending us a Tweet @TheHoneyPop.

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