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Hearing These 5SOS Songs Live Would Keep Us CALM

Hearing These 5SOS Songs Live Would Keep Us CALM

Lockdown was a crazy time for everyone. But one group in particular that had a wild time was by far 5 Seconds of Summer. The boys released their masterpiece of an album, CALM, right as the entire world was locking down for the foreseeable future. This also meant that their highly anticipated No Shame World Tour was going to be postponed indefinitely. Now thankfully, we did get the Take My Hand World Tour which we would argue is the happy medium for everyone involved.

But we can’t help but think about what we lost when we had to say goodbye to the No Shame World Tour. Like… the other songs off of CALM we could’ve had live that we now pray to the 5SOS gods we’re gifted one day. So instead of keeping our hopes, dreams, and ideas locked inside our brains like they’re going to keep these songs’ live versions. We thought we would just write about it here so we can all hope and dream together. So without further ado, here are the songs we hope we get to hear live one day from the masterpiece that is CALM.

‘Thin White Lies’

We don’t ask too many questions, but we need to know why 5SOS would ever consider keeping this song from us in a live setting. It’s like they don’t actually want us to tell them what we wanna hear! The infectious beat of this song, the way the vocals flow and push the song… we literally can’t ever get enough. Listen up 5SOS: You’re killing us slowly by not playing this one live!

‘Not In The Same Way’

Where do we even start with the masterpiece that is ‘Not In The Same Way?’ The falsetto Luke displays in this song is just the beginning of the reasons why we hit repeat on this track all the time. The way that the pre-chorus bounces both vocally and rhythmically before fully kicking into that infectious chorus has had us in a chokehold since 2020. So respectfully, if we could do anything to hear this song live, we would!

‘Lonely Heart’

‘Lonely Heart’ is a song that deserves a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The way this song builds, grows, and fills your entire being is absolutely maddening. Don’t even get us started on the bridge of this song. The pulse reminds us of the way we felt the first time we heard ‘Youngblood’ in all the best ways. We would do anything to chant that bridge live with the boys.

‘Kill My Time’

It’s absolutely true that we wouldn’t want to kill our time with anyone but 5SOS. We never have a problem when it comes to finding a reason to gush about them. This track just joins the lineup of examples of why we think they are musical geniuses. And the fact this song is technically a b-side?? Absolutely breathtaking. Now play it live before we lose it!

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What are your thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams for the album CALM? Let us know in the comments below! Or you can let us know by sending us a Tweet on Twitter @thehoneypop! Or you can let us know on Instagram or Facebook!


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