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We’re Grooving With Jungkook ‘Seven’ Days A Week!

We’re Grooving With Jungkook ‘Seven’ Days A Week!

The main pop boy is here to blow our minds this summer! We have been jumping out of excitement ever since ‘Seven‘ was announced, and we’re finally able to listen to it on repeat! Jungkook is ready to turn our hot days into a giant party, and we can say that it’s definitely working. Now that we have crossed the days out of our calendar until its release, we can say that we will be dancing “every hour, every minute, every second!” We have already memorized the catchy lyrics, and every time we press play on this new single, we just have to get up and jump!

Do you need even more reasons to listen to ‘Seven?’ Don’t worry: we will spell them out for you. You will be sharing this song with everyone in no time!

Such An Incredible Bop!

‘Seven’ is just the perfect song. There are so many things we love about it, starting from how Jungkook has perfectly combined pop and R&B to create this incredible single. It has already become a classic with his high notes and his ad-libs. A real Jungkook staple! It’s so amazing to enjoy his musical growth along with him.

This single was also a surprise collaboration, as it includes a fire verse from Latto. He truly kept it under wraps until we saw the teaser for the music video! We love being surprised by BTS, and this track was no exception. They combine perfectly in this song, and Jungkook loved working with Latto to make ‘Seven’ even more unforgettable. We are obsessed! 

Explicit Version? Sign Us In!

Our jaws dropped while listening to the explicit version of ‘Seven.’ Like, hello?!?! When we tell you we will never get over it, we’re being serious!

This version amps out the passion of the track. While the clean version makes Jungkook to be a hopeless romantic, the explicit version just tells it as it is, and it compliments Latto’s verse even more. It definitely shows the more mature side of Jungkook. We’re never recovering from this version, and Jungkook’s verses still catch us by surprise, no matter how many times we listen to this song. His duality leaves us speechless!

Visuals On Point!

We have to talk about the incredible ‘Seven’ music video! Jungkook acted alongside actress Han So Hee to bring us a tale of following your love under all circumstances.

This video has so much charm, and it made us giggle so many times. Seeing Jungkook embodying his most romantic side while trying to capture Han So Hee’s attention every day of the week is such a wholesome concept. We loved their outfits and how creative every scene is to add more fun to the track. It has put our standards at an all-time high!

Our favorite scene has to be the one where Jungkook opens his coffin and starts singing his high notes while Han So Hee can’t believe what she’s seeing. Neither could we! Tell us which part from this video was your fave!

Easy To Enjoy Everywhere!

Jungkook wishes that we have fun with this song and that it becomes the soundtrack of our favorite summer memories. We’re ready to make that a reality! ‘Seven’ fits right into so many of our playlists, and we’ve already shared it with everyone we know to blast it through our speakers! This single is a great tune that we will turn up while being with pop and R&B enjoyers. Everyone is going to be loving the song of the summer!

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Need More Jungkook? We Are Just Getting Started!

Now that his big solo debut has kicked us off into his new musical universe, Jungkook is working hard on many performances and more surprises that we will be able to enjoy soon! His first performance of ‘Seven’ was so freaking good, and we can’t wait to see more behind-the-scenes content on how he prepared for this song! We love to see him so happy with the music he works on, and we’re so proud of him for creating such an amazing hit!

Also, Jungkook has been creating more songs, and he is aiming to produce an incredible album full of great tracks. We truly can’t wait to keep having fun with him! We already know it will be such a successful album. Until then, we will keep dancing along to ‘Seven’ and hyping Jungkook up as much as possible!

We can’t get enough of ‘Seven!’ Do you love living in Jungkook’s world as much as we do? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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