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Cravity Show Us Their Versatility With ‘Ohh Ahh’

Cravity Show Us Their Versatility With ‘Ohh Ahh’


LUVITY we, here at The Honey Pop, are just as excited as you are about Cravity dropping a performance video for ‘Ohh Ahh’. The video comes to us as a follow-up release from the group’s second EP SEASON2. [HIDEOUT: THE NEW DAY WE STEP INTO] and we are obsessed. Cravity showed us their cool side in the album’s title song ‘Flame’ and are now ready to get funky in ‘Ohh Ahh’.

Watch ‘Ohh Ahh’ Here

The boys deliver a bright and fun choreography video for their funk-based song and we can’t get enough. We have been so happy to see more funk-inspired songs returning to the KPOP scene. So we are glad to see Cravity join this trend as well. ‘Ohh Ahh’ was a great choice for a b-side to follow up their ‘Flame’ promotions and the music video looks really fun and shows us there isn’t a concept the boys can’t pull off. Versatility is key!

It was a different experience for all of us because unlike our previous Music Video shootings, this one was all performance-oriented. We shared various ideas and discussed our movements and gestures while monitoring the filmed footage. As all of the members were together throughout the whole shooting, we paid more attention to each other, worked together as one. The shooting was filled with laughter and enjoyment. 

Cravity via recent press release

About Cravity

We are glad to see that the boys’ ideas were heard and included in this shoot of the video. The effort really shows and we can’t stop rewatching it. However, Cravity really deserves their title as Super Rookie. This is due to the success of their debut album, which also hit No. 1 on U.S. iTunes Top K-Pop Albums chart. No other KPOP rookie group to debut in 2020 has earned this achievement. We are so proud of Cravity and can’t wait to see what’s next!

Since the group has taken their first trophy home on a music show just recently with ‘Flame’, their future success is guaranteed and they have promised us to share their feelings as they mature with their audience. We sure are ready for those feels!

Have you listened to CRAVITY’s second album yet? Are you a LUVITY? What’s your favorite song on this EP? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop

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