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Mamamoo Has Us Screaming ‘Aya’ With Travel

Mamamoo Has Us Screaming ‘Aya’ With Travel


Mamamoo is back with their new mini-album Travel! MooMoos are you as hyped as we are? We have been so excited to finally hear the full version of ‘Aya’ and the rest of the album! And the day has finally come. Mamamoo is back and they really hit differently this time around. Today marks their comeback day with their 10th mini-album already! Hardworking queens! And their hard work is paying off since ‘Aya’ is already doing great on the charts!

Say ‘Aya’ With Us

‘Aya’ is everything we wanted and also completely different! Mamamoo takes on a new sound with ‘Aya’ that we haven’t heard from them before. While we are used to bombastic vocal-driven choruses from them, ‘Aya’ leads with an entirely instrumental driven chorus and it works! The verses are majestic and filled with raps and vocals! The pre-chorus is a great lead up to the sudden drop of the chorus. It really makes this song unique and catchy in its own way. Our favorite part has to be the dance breakdown towards the end. Magic!

Image Source: RBW Entertainment via Twitter

Even the music video for ‘Aya’ has us living! The visuals are insane and the red and white outfits have to be our favorite! The girls’ choreography is more intense this time around and we will be seeing Mamamoo in headset microphones yet again! We know for sure the live-stages are going to be outstanding! However, the music video has amazing moments where each of the members shines during their solo shots while looking drop-dead gorgeous. The aesthetic and colors of this music video did not come to play!

Let’s Travel further…

Besides the title, the new Mamamoo mini-album consists of four more songs! And each track really shows us another side of Mamamoo. The tracks are ‘Travel’ an upbeat ballad which we know and love from the girls, ‘Chuck’ a funky and fun song that will get stuck in your head for sure, ‘Diamond’ a more sexy and slurty song that shows the group’s sensual side and ‘Good Night’ the perfect soft ballad to end this EP with. Mamamoo truly never disappoints us! We can’t get enough of each of these songs!

MOOMOO’s React

We have high expectations for Mamamoo’s live stages and performances of ‘Aya’ and can’t wait to see what’s next for this power group!

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Featured Image Source: RBW Entertainment via Twitter

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