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10 Greyson Chance Songs That Can Turn Anyone Into A Fan

10 Greyson Chance Songs That Can Turn Anyone Into A Fan

If you’re wondering why the name Greyson Chance sounds familiar it might be because he rose to fame after singing the song ‘Paparazzi’ by Lady Gaga and was even on Ellen. Rest assured none of these songs are the bubblegum pop songs you remember from a decade ago. Greyson has completely reinvented himself and his sound and in his own words has said “it’s not fair to treat it like it’s the same artist.”

His new music is raw and real and some of the best art being put out right now. So here’s ten songs that will for sure make you a fan!

‘West Texas’

Before listening to this absolute stellar track make sure you listen to ‘plains’ which is the interlude into the song. Greyson tells a story of his mom hearing him cuss on stage at a young age and telling him that men don’t act like that, boys do, and that she was raising him to be a good man. The song is upbeat and one of those songs that you can tell is the best live! Making your parents proud is something a lot of people can relate to striving for and this is a beautiful love letter to his mother laid out with all her wishes for him.


Sometimes we hear a song and it just hits us like a tsunami, from Greyson’s discography that song is ‘Low.’ He wrote this song while coming to terms with his sexuality which would later lead him to post on social media publicly coming out to the world. The track deals with the internal struggles of dealing with accepting your sexuality, like realizing you deserve love. There’s a particular line that hits different where Greyson says “I needed time to move around without you I think I’m ready to hear I love you” and we lose it every time.

‘Good as Gold’

Everyone needs that one song on their playlist that makes them feel good about themselves. ‘Good As Gold’ perfectly acts as that song. The message of the song is simple yet impactful “You’ve got to know that you are good as gold.” Throughout the song, there are so many lyrics that strike a chord aside from the end of the chorus. One being “I know you hate this town you’re not the only one.” There’s always a sense of resentment towards your hometown and how it’s affected your self-confidence.

‘Black on Black’

This is Greyson’s party song that we waited years for. We can see this song being played anywhere from a nightclub to a pregame, to being the soundtrack to a hookup. It’s that kind of sensual upbeat track that is rare to find a good example of in pop music today. There’s a part at the end of the song where Greyson speaks instead of sings and it’s absolute magic. We wish we could forever dance to this one.

‘Bad to Myself’

Alright, we’ll admit it this one hit us harder than we expected upon first listen. We get full body chills every time we hear the line “No demon in me that I can’t fight.” This song is Greyson’s newest track and shows just the immense amount of growth he’s had as both a vocalist and lyricist. It’s a master class on songwriting. Like Taylor Swift level and that’s the highest praise we could give. Plus who doesn’t want to be able to get down to a song about self-improvement?

‘Hit & Run’

This track comes off Greyson’s earlier EP titled Somewhere Over My Head. It’s always been a standout on that project for us, even though the entire EP is stellar. Picture this: you’re on the highway at night surrounded by city lights with the top off your car. That is exactly the situation this song is best listened to. It’s as the kids say, ~a vibe~.

‘Shut Up’

We want to scream the lyrics “So give me your two lips and baby I’ll shut up” at the top of our lungs forever. The beat drop of this song is incredible!! It’s so heavy and drops at just the right moments. The content of the song is something some people think about while bickering with a significant other, just wishing they would shut up and kiss you. Greyson puts this feeling to a beat that we will dance to evermore.


This song feels like one of the most romantic love songs of our time. And while Greyson says it is a love song he doesn’t mean that in the sense of a significant other. Greyson wrote this as a love letter to his friends back home in Oklahoma who he has to say goodbye to so often. The lyrics “All these towns between these mean nothing” referring to Greyson being on tour so much. It’s a beautiful song and listening to it live is an out of body experience.

‘Dancing Next To Me’

If you attended Greyson’s world tour, Portraits, the first time you heard this song it was a soft piano ballad. Now with a beat over it, it’s taken on a whole new life. The song is exactly what we picture when we think of all the good times that lie ahead when clubs are reopened. We think this was a real turning point and glimpse into the sound of what we will be fretting out of Greyson’s new music.

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‘Twenty One’

Greyson managed to write the perfect anthem for everyone’s 21st year of life. With the chorus line being “Only got one year to be twenty-one” it’s obviously the perfect song to play during any and all rendezvous during the sacred year. This song is all about living the year of life to the fullest and doing everything you’ve always heard people do at twenty-one. Even if you’re not 21 this is a must-add to any party playlist.

We would love to hear from you! What’s your favorite Greyson song? Are there any songs you felt like we left out? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured image source: as posted by Greyson Chance via Facebook

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