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Cian Ducrot Won’t Have You Crying “Crocodile” Tears

Cian Ducrot Won’t Have You Crying “Crocodile” Tears


The feeling many have gone through but little discuss, friendship breakups can be harder than romantic ones, and Cian Ducrot’s recent track ‘Crocodiles’ puts words to the emotions that provoke perfectly.

The starting lyrics hit hard, “wipe the crocodiles from your eyes/’cause we both know you’re not crying,” when Cian said “real raw truth and emotion,” he wasn’t joking, so you might want to grab some tissues before we dig deeper into those lyrics!

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With ‘Crocodiles’ being the second single off of his upcoming EP, Cian continues to show how relatable he is to fans and things they may be going through. After being signed to Darkroom Records, the label that discovered the beloved Billie Ellish, he went from being homeless to accumulating millions of streams and continues to become known as a main contender for reimagining Irish pop music.

Get down to the root of these raw lyrics and learn what else we can look out for from this classically trained songwriter in our THP exclusive interview with the man himself, Cian Ducrot!

What about your recent single ‘Crocodiles’ made it a track you knew you wanted to release before the official EP?
For the songs that I’m releasing at the moment I believe they all need their own moment and so it’s important for me to put them out individually to really give them space to breathe and exist! 

And with the song being about reevaluating friendships that don’t serve you anymore, is that something you’ve recently dealt with and felt like you needed to express through writing or was it more just a concept that you wanted to explore writing about? 
It wasn’t about something not serving me anymore.. that’s very selfish.. it’s more that I realised people I thought were my friends didn’t have my back when I needed them.. they didn’t act the way that I would if a friend needed me.. it was a really hard time for me and writing definitely helped me. 

There aren’t many songs about toxic friendships and it’s something that’s not spoken enough about, knowing that breakups in friendships can be harder than romantic relationships, is there a piece of advice that you’ve learnt from an experience about re-evaluating boundaries that you want to share with your fans who might be dealing with a similar situation?
Definitely.. pay close attention to those around you who call themselves your friends.. see if they’d really be there for you and look at those who really would and you’ll see where your real friends.. don’t be afraid to let go of people who don’t treat you well.. there are millions of others on this planet who would treat you better. 

Why do you think we, as a society, don’t talk as much about toxic friendships as we do about toxic romantic relationships? What do you hope listeners take away from this song?
I don’t know if I’m being honest. I guess it’s often harder to detect.. in a romantic relationship everyone has an opinion on your partner etc.. Usually in toxic friendships no one wants to back you up because it’s usually someone else’s friend too and they’re not willing to stand up for you and against another friend.

You’re pretty big on TikTok, and you recently did one about wanting to throw your phone at the wall because it has us under its control, what’s some things you do to step away from that technology control?
Oh my god.. it’s so hard.. as an artist there is so much expected of me other than music and I have so many responsibilities that I have to take care of every day and most of it is done on my phone. Including this interview I am doing in an Uber on the way home from the chiropractor as it’s the only free time I have today… sometimes I just wish the world wasn’t so urgent and things didn’t need to be done straight away, but with technology everything is quick and instant and sometimes it’s hard when you have to be glued to your phone as an artist. It’s like running a business sometimes and it has its moments where it really drains you. I try to have a no phone rule after 6/7pm but at the moment that is difficult with an 8 hour time zone difference with my label in LA.

Has TikTok changed the way you approach making music and building your career and brand? How do you think it’s aided(or hurt) with your recent music releases? 
I never think of TikTok when making music.. thankfully! Many artists do but I don’t see it as a sustainable way to create music… TikTok helps for sure with promotion it’s amazing, but it can also make you self-conscious that your song isn’t blowing up in there and make you feel like your music isn’t good because of that. But, I believe real music will always rise to the top and I have to remember what it is I really want to do. “Have one big song on TikTok right now or create a legacy and be an artist who’s career and music spans for decades… it’s not hard to chose!

And with the social platform playing a major part in introducing you and your music to fans, are there any artists you’ve found through TikTok that you’re now a fan of? 
Definitely! I’ve made tons of artist friends there also! Anson Seabra and Jack Harlow are two artists I’ve discovered there who I really admire! 

How did you know you no longer wanted to pursue being a classical flautist and what made you decide this new road was the best one to take? What moment made you realize you made the best decision?
It definitely wasn’t a new road.. I think I was trying to drive on many roads at once and I decided that it was time to focus on one a little more.. or let go of the others to really excel as much as I could… the decision to drop out was after a trip I took to LA for 10 days.. for the first time I felt like I belonged and I was recognised. 

How do you think your classical background has helped your current musical projects? Are there some aspects of classical music that you tend to put into the music you make now?
Everything I know about music comes from my classical training to be honest so probably everything I do is heavily classically influenced.

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You have chosen to be so open about the struggle of being homeless just last year, how has this past experience helped you to get to where you are now? Is there anything you learned during that time that sticks with you now? 
It just made me want to succeed even more than I already wanted to! I wanted to prove to everyone that I made the right decision and to tell my mom I was gonna be okay and that I had what it takes to make it! She always believed in me but of course mothers worry!

What can fans expect from the EP? Can you give us your favorite lyrics on the new project?
Some real raw truth and emotion from my heart.. favourite lyric might be “He takes what he needs while you’re on your knees, oh dear.”

You’re telling us there are even more raw truths to be exposed on this EP? BRB while we go and get another tissue box! And while we wait for the EP’s release, we’ll be adding ‘Crocodiles’ to the top of our emotional playlists, and you can do the same by clicking here!

If you’re looking for even more exclusive interviews we got you! And be on the lookout for a video interview with one of Cian’s recent favs, Anson Seabra!


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