Dayglow Rocked Boston Last Saturday Live On Tour!

Dayglow Rocked Boston Last Saturday Live On Tour!

We attended Dayglow’s Harmony House Tour in Boston and it was everything we hoped for! Firstly, Hovvdy opened the show with some of their songs like ‘Pretend’ and ‘True Love.’ They were super excited to be able to play some of their newer songs for us off of their album True Love which was released October 1st. The energy in Paradise Rock Club was growing as the time came closer to 9pm when Dayglow was due to start.

Dayglow opened with ‘Something,’ followed by songs from Fuzzybrain and Harmony House. Everyone was screaming every word, it seemed like the whole city of Boston could hear us! The stage was perfectly set up, with a neon glowing sign reading “DAYGLOW,” that changed color depending on the song. Even though the venue was packed, anywhere you stood you got a great view of the stage and had enough room to dance and sing along to songs like ‘Hot Rod’ and ‘False Direction.’

Finally, Dayglow ended their set with some of their most anticipated songs like ‘Can I Call You Tonight?’ and ‘Run the World!!!’ along with a cover of the Tears for Fears song ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World.’ Dayglow put on an amazing show that got the crowd of music lovers moving and jumping around.

Dayglow Setlist
‘Fair Game’
‘Hot Rod’
‘Moving Out’
‘Dear Friend,’
‘Woah Man’
‘Crying on the Dancefloor’
‘Into Blue’
‘False Direction’
‘Can I Call You Tonight’
‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ (Tears For Fears cover)
‘Run the World!!!’

Sloan Struble and his band make up Dayglow, and we really hope to see them all soon in Boston again! If you haven’t already, give Dayglow’s newest album Harmony House a listen and grab some tickets to the last of their tour dates!

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Featured Image Source and Gallery: Angela DeVietro for The Honey POP

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