Smallpools Is The ‘Life of the Party’ In NYC

Smallpools Is The ‘Life of the Party’ In NYC

Smallpools is heartbreak and high energy angst to the core. Fresh off the release of LIFE IS A SIMULATION, Smallpools hit Brooklyn for a night that made the crowd not want to slow down.  

Here at THP, we’re coasting pretty high on the emerging indie-rock scene. If you’re a fan of Japanese Breakfast, you’ll fall for this indie-rock group as hard as we did.  If you’re needing a place to start: check out the latest release of the track, ‘Life of the Party’ which definitely deserves more love. Trust us: this track hits HARD.

The release of Life of the Party has us see Smallpools come into their own with more of a rich, emotion-filled edge with a spunk that hits fiercely

And to show this group even more love, we’ve listed our go-to tracks here. Some we got to hear live too. And since we’re feeling it – that means you are going to.


  • ‘Life of the Party’
  • ‘Million Bucks’
  • ‘Slowdown’ (w/ morgxn)
  • ‘Simulation’
  • ‘Science Fiction’
  • ‘Killer Whales’
  • ‘Dreaming’
  • ‘American Love’

What do you think of Life in a Simulation? Make sure to share with us by tweeting at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook!

Need even more live music? We gotchu


Featured Image and Gallery Source: Hillary Safadi for The Honey POP

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