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5 Artists Who Have Turned Their Music Into Movies

5 Artists Who Have Turned Their Music Into Movies

Music and visuals often go hand in hand, whether it’s an artist’s personal aesthetic or something like a music video. Some artists take it to the next level and take their lyrical vision to the big screen! Here are some must-see films that music lovers will adore, bringing lyrics and stories to life.


[apple_music_ad artist=”YUNGBLUD” song=”Mars”]

YUNGBLUD is well aware of how meaningful the song ‘mars’ is to his fans – the track was inspired by a trans fan who turned to his music during tough times and he used the music video to raise awareness on transphobia. He’s taking it a step further with a movie in partnership with Mercury Studios and Interscope Films, focusing on teen self-exploration and expression! The film is expected to be ready for a release in spring 2022, and we can’t wait to see how they bring the song’s messages to life.

I cannot wait to make my first film. This whole journey started with an encounter. Then it became a song, now it’s becoming a movie. All my art is about and forever will be about, is making people feel like they can be undeniably themselves, whoever they are – and with this project, we’re turning that message up to 11. The team we’ve assembled is incredible, I am so honored to stand with them all behind this beautiful project and to have them help me bring it to life. I can honestly say if you don’t adore this movie, then I can guarantee you’ll f*cking learn something from it.


Taylor Swift

[apple_music_ad artist=”Taylor Swift” song=”All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)”]

Taylor treated fans with not only a ten-minute version of her hit ‘All Too Well,’ but also a short film starring Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien! The movie recreates some of the most iconic imagery from ‘All Too Well,’ including one scene where Sadie and Dylan are “dancing in the kitchen in the refrigerator light.” It racked up millions of views in its first day, and we really hope Taylor makes another movie soon!


[apple_music_ad artist=”Halsey”]

Few 2021 albums made as big of a splash as Halsey’s If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power, and part of its explosive impact was the movie Halsey made of the same name! They wrote and acted in the movie while pregnant, and we love the dedication she put into creating a world around the songs. You can find the film on HBO Max!

Machine Gun Kelly

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MGK teamed up with his best friend and frequent co-writer MOD SUN for Downfalls High in 2020, a movie based on Kell’s’ #1 album Tickets To My Downfall. With a superstar cast including Sydney Sweeney, Lil Huddy, and Siiickbrain, we’re still not over this film! 

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Melanie Martinez 

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After making a visual for each song on her 2015 debut Cry Baby, Melanie brought the album’s main character back for her 2019 album K-12 and its accompanying movie! The movie incorporates each song on the album as Cry Baby heads to a hectic school where faculty are tricking students, and a classmate picks on her.

Which of these movies is your favorite? Is there a certain song or album you want to see turned into a film? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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