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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Loren Kate Stands Out In ‘One Of These Days’

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Loren Kate Stands Out In ‘One Of These Days’

We love being a part of THP for a lot of reasons, but a big one is that we get introduced to really amazing talent. Our newest fave singer-songwriter Loren Kate is back with music, and more music is on the way, in the shape of the upcoming album, Nobody Knows. It’s been a while since we’ve even heard news about new music from the singer, so we are ecstatic! But before we get too carried away about the album, her newest release, which we are here to talk about today, ‘One Of These Days,’ is a personal song for Loren.

**Trigger Warning: ‘One Of These Days’ contains mentions of substance abuse.**

‘One Of These Days’ is based on Loren’s brother’s struggle with substance abuse, but it’s also strongly about finding light after hitting rock bottom. And with Loren being an excellent songwriter, she wrote it perfectly. The music video for the track is also just beautiful. We recommend you check out the whole project. We were able to talk to the singer about everything about the track, along with her upcoming album and future projects. Now introducing…Loren Kate.

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It’s been a little while since we’ve heard some new music from you, how has your musical journey been going so far? How have you been?
Yes, it’s definitely been a while hasn’t it! I think I lost my mojo for a while there. I had a lot of mental health issues and spent the last year doing therapy and writing songs for this new album. I feel pretty good right now!

**Content Warning: The question/answer below contains mentions of substance abuse.**

You released your track ‘One of These Days’ ahead of your upcoming album Nobody Knows. It’s one of a few songs that talk about being at rock bottom, but still having hope. Why did you decide to go this route with the song?
Honestly, I didn’t know what route the song was taking when I was writing it, I was just in it and drawing from what I knew of this experience. I always like to have hope in my songs, for when there’s no hope, that’s when the lights go out. We have to keep that little spark inside us even just slightly flickering, always. “Rock bottom” is something I witnessed a lot growing up. There was always talk that my brother, who has struggled with trauma that has led to substance abuse, wouldn’t seek help until he’d hit rock bottom. But that bottom seems to be endless, and it’s really hard to watch someone going through that. Growing up, I was one of the few people my brother opened up to and so many times after an overdose I would hear the words “I’m sorry” or “I’ll try and get help” or “one day I’ll be…..” And I know that deep inside him there is a desire to be whole again, but it’s just so bloody hard to get there.

What do you think are the most impactful lyrics from the track?
Probably the line “Til the guilt hits my heart like a hammer hits a nail.” I know that guilt is something that affects us all when we have an addiction of some kind. When we come down from a high, we think about all the people we may have hurt and it hits hard.

We always get excited when we get to talk to fellow writers, so, let’s first talk about you being penned as a brilliant storyteller. What do you think makes you stand out amongst other songwriters?
I’m not even sure I stand out, but perhaps, if I do, it’s my vulnerability and that I’m not afraid to talk about the real stuff, the things we all push aside because they are too uncomfortable.

What are some lyrics you’ve heard in a song that isn’t yours, that you wish you would’ve written?
Jeff Buckley… ‘Lover, You Should’ve Come Over:’ “It’s never over, she’s the tear that hangs inside my soul forever.” It’s just so beautiful!

Speaking of you being an amazing writer, the lyrics for ‘One Of These Days’ are just so powerful. How do you put yourself in someone else’s shoes without getting too engulfed, especially with a song of this nature, and it being of someone close to you?
I just let myself get engulfed, because it’s all a part of the healing and it’s how I write. And if it’s not coming from that place of truth, then it’s not real and I like real.

Now that we’ve heard ‘One Of These Days,’ will Nobody Knows revolve around heavy topics as well, or are we getting an assortment of sounds?
The album is definitely a journey of highs and lows, but ‘One Of These Days’ is definitely one of the heavier tracks. Every song has hope though, even when talking about drying rivers and burning country, of dark thoughts, and of feeling anxious about the future your children are going to have to live through…. There’s always a little spark of hope to hold onto.

Speaking of albums, the last album we got from you was back in 2016 with Little Wonders, which also featured Sarah Humphreys and other artists. How would you say you’ve grown since that album till now?
Haha! My songwriting has matured! That was a kids album as both Sarah and I were mothers and still are mothers of young children. The easiest songs to write back then were songs we could play for them. Mostly because you could actually write without them wanting you to stop!

What pushed you to release this album? Why now?
It’s funny, I was going to make this album a year earlier than what I did, but Covid happened and things were delayed. In that time, I wrote a whole bunch of new songs and I threw old ones in the compost. What eventuated, I feel is almost an anthem to the times we’ve been living through and I’m stoked at what has surfaced. 

Can you tell us anything about Nobody Knows? What track are you most excited for fans to hear?
It’s hard to talk about your own album, all I can say is it’s an honest collection of songs. Simple, emotive, and heartfelt. I love the track ‘Old Lady River.’ My beautiful friends, Ivy and Mabel from Melbourne duo, “Charm of Finches” sang some vocals at the end that I could listen to all day long.

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What can we expect from you in 2022? 
Well, the album will be released on June 10th and I’ve got a big tour booked for September which is so exciting!

Any parting words you would like to say to your fans?
Endless amounts of gratitude to those who listen to my music. Without you, these songs wouldn’t have a life…

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Don’t forget to stream the track, and also check out when Loren will be visiting your city, here!

So, have you become a fan of Loren Kate? What do you think of ‘One Of These Days?’ Let us know in the comments down below, on Twitter @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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