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5 Adele Fan Interactions To Inspire Your Y/N Moment At Her Las Vegas Residency

5 Adele Fan Interactions To Inspire Your Y/N Moment At Her Las Vegas Residency

If we were to bet on which tracks were on Adele’s Las Vegas residency setlist, then the ivory-keyed ‘Hello’ would be the favorite. Don’t worry, Harries! There’ll be no chanting necessary for this Daydreamer’s own ‘Fine Line!’ And that’s good timing, because Adele’s Las Vegas shows have just been re-announced! “I’m always going to start with ‘Hello.’ It’d be a bit weird if it was like, halfway through the set, you know?” Adele told Oprah Winfrey last November, “So yeah, I’m starting with it.” We’re holding you to that in anticipation Adele!

Even before the memeable ballad blessed us, her cockney accent would wrap around the word “hello” itself when greeting her fans! Take the video below, for example. Alongside Graham Norton, our nonchalant Queen photobombs those who are none the wiser to the fact that she’s right beside them. While we’re happy for them—no, really, we are—it’s natural for our FOMO to kick in and wonder what other deliriously wonderful fan encounters she could cook up, right?

It also doesn’t stop us from imagining our own perfect meet-cute moment, just wishing she would look in our direction at least once during her Weekends with Adele. As we’ve had quite a while to plan it (honestly, 242 days since the original announcement), here are five other interactions to take inspiration from.

Babysitter Growing Pains

Often, a performer isn’t traveling around solo, but rather with a group of people providing the sounds for their otherwise acapella acoustics! Adele’s cello player is one of them. Spitting out a few “Oh My God’s” in Amsterdam, Adele realized she knew one of the two girls she pulled up on stage. Stating with gleeful pride, “I knew you when you were a baby,” it turns out, she was in fact the cello player’s daughter.

Accidental Snog

We advise against this one, especially in pandemic times, but a Nigerian flown fan caught quite the fright when, in one of those humorously timed head turn moments, he accidently kissed Adele! “That’s the first time I’ve kissed another man in seven years,” she joked.

Idolizing A The Muse

With viral creative pieces sometimes featuring a popular face, it’s not out of the norm for fan art to travel outside of the confines of social media. It’s seen on a banner at a concert! This one had a twist, though. The fan’s grandpa, Emmanuel, drew it. Inspiration runs in the family line as the male of the young sister-brother duo told Adele, “You inspired us to write music together.” Feeling choked up and a bit flabbergasted, Adele responded, “I’m Miss Emotional. That was very sweet.”

“Let Me Photograph You in This Light” And Do A Double Take

Emily Bamforth may be a name that’s a bit unknown, but according to those around her, her face is certainly recognizable. She bears a doppelgänger resemblance to Adele! Her boyfriend at the time tweeted the singer before Birmingham’s Adele Live show to chime in on the noticeable fact. Adele must’ve been like all of us, lurking on socials, as she later brought her on stage to snap a selfie.

Orchestral Proposal

Adele’s One Night Only concert feels like yesterday, and for this darling couple, it presumably is the case too! Sealed with a performance of ‘Make You Feel My Love,’ she helped Quentin propose to Ashley after being together for seven years. Of course, she said yes! A-listers wept.

Image Source: @avatarwan on Tumblr

Adele’s Las Vegas residency starts on November 18 and wraps up on March 25, 2023, amounting to a whopping 32 shows! For those who already bought tickets before the original date’s cancelation, check all email folders on Wednesday, August 3 for an invitation from Ticketmaster. For more information, you can read along here.

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