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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Susan Hisey Talks ‘Coma’ And Mental Health Advocacy

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Susan Hisey Talks ‘Coma’ And Mental Health Advocacy

In our latest exclusive interview, THP chats to Susan Hisey, the singer-songwriter who is about to be your newest fave! She’s just dropped her debut single ‘Coma,’ and THP were lucky enough to talk with Susan about that and so much more!

‘Coma is an incredibly vulnerable track, detailing Susan’s personal journey with anxiety. We have to thank Susan for being so open with us in our chat, as we covered everything from mental health to music videos! Plus, she deserves an extra shout-out for the 10/10 music taste she clearly has with these recommendations.

So without further ado, here it is! Our exclusive interview with Susan Hisey!

‘Coma’ is your debut single! Congratulations! How did you feel on release day when it went out into the world?
Thank you! I was so excited because it was my debut single, and it was also a project I was working on for a while.

Were you more nervous or excited in the run-up?
I was more excited! I was ready to share my story and share my music.

We’re guessing you probably worked on a lot of songs that could’ve been your debut. What made you decide on ‘Coma’ as your very first release?
This song was special because it focused on my anxiety journey. It happened to also be a song I was proud of in its quality as well. I knew I wanted to create a music video for it from the moment I was recording the demo.

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2022?
2022 is a year of new. I am planning to co-write more to hopefully have another single release, or an EP release, and to explore ways of getting involved in the mental health community. It’s all just starting to evolve, and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.

Even though ‘Coma’ is your debut single, you have a very impressive and diverse musical background. Other than ‘Coma,’ what has been a career highlight for you so far?
I will always treasure singing on the Ryman stage in college. Friends of mine put together an acapella group and had the privilege of opening up, and singing with, Imogen Heap on the original Opry stage. That is something I won’t forget.

How does your work as a vocal coach and mentor affect your own music and technique?
As a trained vocalist and vocal coach, I put a lot of thought behind my vocal and music choices in each original and cover song. I always want to do my best in general and do my best displaying who I am vocally.

‘Coma’ is very comforting and relatable! What are your go-to songs to listen to when you need a little comfort?
Thank you! That’s what I hoped for. I’m a Christian, so I love to listen to worship songs when I’m struggling with anxiety, but I also love listening to and being inspired by Caitlyn Smith’s and Patty Griffin’s music.

The music video for ‘Coma’ is filled with scenes that people who suffer from anxiety and depression will recognize all too well! How did you decide on the music video concept?
When I was recording the demo of the song, I immediately envisioned a black and white video showing raw moments of anxiety. It all played out in my head right then and I didn’t have to put a lot of extra thought into it. I think I even stopped at a boutique on the way home from recording the demo to try on outfits for the video in case I had a scene with a more put-together ensemble. However, I decided to only do the more raw scenes in casual clothes.

We think it’s really admirable that you’ve started this new era of your career with such a vulnerable song. How important to you is showing vulnerability and honesty in your work?
Thank you. It’s the most important thing to me. I want to have mental health conversations and hope that it continues to be more normalized. Mental health is the avenue I am most passionate about.

We love it when artists promote the importance of mental health! Who are your favorite artists who use their platforms for these kinds of discussions?
Yes, love it! I’m thinking of specific songs about mental health struggles by Shawn Mendes, Logic, Demi Lovato, and Avril Lavigne.

Can we expect to see more mental health advocacy in your future projects?
Definitely. I plan to connect with mental health organizations and podcasts to have the mental health conversation and incorporate it into my music as well.

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‘Coma’ draws inspiration from country, soul, and pop. What drew you to these genres?
I listen to and sing a little bit of everything. I’ve also always been drawn to anything with Soul, and I listen to a lot of Country music, and to a lot of variations of pop. I draw a lot from Caitlyn Smith, Patty Griffin, Aretha Franklin, Linda Ronstadt, Faith Hill, Kelly Clarkson, and Sara Bareilles.

We love the duets you do on TikTok! How do you pick which songs to duet or which trends to join in on?
Oh, thank you! I’m thinking of doing some more of those! I look for favorite songs of mine that I would like to sing lead vocals on but need an accompanist for haha, and I also love harmonizing so I like to look for songs that are fun to add harmony to!

Thanks so much to Susan Hisey for chatting with us in this exclusive interview! We can’t wait to see what the rest of 2022 brings!

Are you obsessed with ‘Coma?’ What did you think of Susan Hisey and our interview? Let us know all your thoughts by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP, or we can also be found over on Facebook and Instagram!

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