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Crystal Rose, ‘Thought I’d Say’ We’re In Love With Your Music

Crystal Rose, ‘Thought I’d Say’ We’re In Love With Your Music

crystal rose exclusive premiere

There’s no feeling in the world better than the feeling of discovering a new artist, right? And that’s exactly what we here at The Honey POP are here to help with. This time, we bring you the exclusive premiere of Crystal Rose and her latest single, ‘Thought I’d Say.’

Crystal Rose has a preference for communicating through music rather than words, and boy, are we glad she’s so good at it! We love to see an artist who’s better at explaining our feelings than we are. Her first album, It’s Raining In Here, was a success with all of us, sentimental people who think music expresses our feelings better than words. No, seriously, it’s like Crystal Rose actually knows our minds and wrote her songs based on them. And now, the sensitive queen of Brooklyn is back with a new single to make us fall a little more in love with her and her music, ‘Thought I’d Say.’

Rose started writing the song during a songwriting challenge with other musicians where they’d set seven hours aside to work on song ideas. And considering we got ‘Thought I’d Say’ out of it, we think they should do this more often. Guess you just can’t go wrong with a love song, huh?

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Image Credit: Guy Paz

“During one of my song idea explorations, I began thinking about my loved one, and how I tend to sort of burrow myself into a hole when I get deep into my work, and how that might affect him. This song started out as a personal and playful exploration of these ideas. I definitely remember smiling while improvising over the chords.”

Crystal Rose, on where the idea for ‘Thought I’d Say’ came from

‘Thought I’d Say’ is one of the most romantic songs we’ve ever heard, and it truly shows the love between Rose and her partner. It’s so well-written and speaks of a love so pure and deep, it kind of makes us want to have a relationship like that too. Rose’s angelic vocals just add to the experience of listening to this song and feeling like a character in a rom-com. Wait, that’s a great idea! Quick, someone make a rom-com with this song in the soundtrack, please!

We hope you loved ‘Thought I’d Say’ as much as we did, and if you did, definitely go check out her music. We just know you’ll love it! And Rose, we got a lot of time, but we just thought we’d say you’re amazing!

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