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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Harper Finn Talks Newcomer, His Music, And More!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Harper Finn Talks Newcomer, His Music, And More!

Hello honey bees, oh we got something refreshing for you today, yes a Kiwi but the best kind! A musician from New Zealand! Harper Finn just released his new EP Newcomer and lead single ‘Euphoria,’ and we are in love with this guy! Not only is he insanely talented, but he has already won awards as a breakthrough artist. Let us tell you he is one to watch!

Don’t forget to listen to Harper’s EP here.

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In order to intensify our fangirl crush on Harper Finn, we had the chance to sit down and chat with him all about his music Ep and much more! Read on for more.

Hey there Harper! Thank you for talking to us today, first of all, how does it feel to have a new EP to share with the world? What do you want your fans to take away from it?
It’s a fantastic feeling! Almost like a weight off my shoulders. For people listening, this EP is based on new relationships, feelings, and places. For me, figuring out who I am as a person always comes from throwing myself into the deep end and figuring it out as I go along. If it makes you slightly uncomfortable you’ll learn something about yourself.

From your debut single ‘Conversations’ to your first single of 2022 ‘Different Skies’ how much has changed in your life? What is something you have learned during your musical journey so far?
Everything has changed. I’ve made new best friends, moved out of home, and recently moved overseas. It’s crazy to listen to ‘Conversations’ and think how much has changed since then. In saying that though, I still feel connected to who I was then, and for me all the songs maintain that thread throughout. Something I’ve learned throughout this journey is that good things take time. Stay patient and consistent.

A lyric of ‘Different Skies’ is “We can make it through everything” which is a really hopeful message. How do you get through bad days? What is something that always cheers you up?
It’s an obvious answer but for me it’s music. Playing the piano is like meditation or therapy to me. Sitting down and just playing for 30 mins always makes me feel like I’ve been able to let go of some negativity or heartache.

You studied Politics and History – how do you think this influences your approach to music? How did it change your outlook on writing lyrics?
I’m not sure it influenced my approach to music. I was drawn to those subjects because they seemed like they were on the opposite side of the spectrum. I liked keeping music away from my studies so it would feel like an escape to me.

Your EP, Newcomer, will consist of eight tracks in total, some of which we have heard before and others that are brand new. If you had to pick one line in a song from the EP that had to represent the entire EP which one would it be?
“The unknown beckons”

You used to work at a venue where musicians you look up to performed. How did it feel going from behind the scenes to being on stage performing yourself? What’s your favorite part about performing live?
I feel like it prepared me for being on stage. Watching every night from behind the bar only fuelled the desire for me to get up there. I learned a lot from observing performers, especially from musicians and acts that I wouldn’t have seen outside of work. My favorite part of performing live is being able to directly communicate with the audience. You get an instant and sometimes physical reaction to your music.

Speaking about performing live, how do you handle mistakes on stage? What is something no one is aware of is important about performing on stage until they find themselves on stage?
I’ve made plenty of mistakes on stage but I feel like if you don’t let it derail you, the crowd will never know. The crowd can sense if you feel panicked or embarrassed so as long as you keep smiling and performing they’ll go along with you. I’d say something you don’t realize until you’re on stage is how quickly time passes. A 10-song set can feel like 10 minutes.

You have already won awards such as Breakthrough Artist of the Year. How does it feel to have reached this milestone? What are your goals for 2022? Which award would you love to win eventually?
It’s surreal but highly motivating. Being acknowledged on that scale really fuels the fire to keep going and I felt extremely grateful that I was able to receive this so early on in my career. My main goal is to be able to find like-minded souls in other parts of the world who will like my music and perform for them.

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We really loved your single ‘She Said’ as it made us think about the lyrics and how we love to dream ourselves away from daily life. What does your imaginary dream place look like?
Somewhere outside by the sea on a summer night, lit by the moonlight.

And lastly, since our playlist will soon be filled with the songs from your EP Newcomer, what songs from other artists would you recommend we add to our playlist? Who’s music is on Harper Finn’s playlist?
I’ve been a fan of an artist named Ama Lou for a while. She put out an EP this year, which I’ve had on high rotation.

We have been replaying Newcomer like we are mad for it and can only hope to see Harper Finn live ourselves eventually! What’s your favorite track on Newcomer? What do you think about ‘Euphoria?’ Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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