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We ‘bet u wanna’ Attend The emails i can’t send tour!

We ‘bet u wanna’ Attend The emails i can’t send tour!

The emails i can’t send tour just started and we have so many things to discuss! Sabrina is one of our favorite pop girlies, and we couldn’t wait to see her magnificent live performances. Many Carpenters will get witness Sabrina sing her newest songs on this sold-out tour! Here are our favorite bits and pieces from this tour…

Image Source: Skylar Watkins (@thesadpunk_)

Love All Around!

emails i can’t send included many hearts and red ink all over it, so what better way to bring those elements to life than having a big heart on stage? We’re obsessed with how amazing it looks and how it compliments Sabrina and her outfits so well! She also drew a big heart on her hands for the first dates to kick off the tour in the best way possible. We love an artist that embraces her cutest aesthetic, and we hope she continues adding these cute details in more shows!

Image Source: Sabrina Carpenter

In addition to the hearts, fans have been pouring their passion out during their favorite songs through Sabrina’s set. We definitely got emotional (in the best way) watching some of the cutest videos! It’s truly what she deserves!

The Setlist = 10/10!

We were so excited to see which songs made the cut for the emails i can’t send tour! We needed to hear this album live ASAP, so we’re extremely happy that Sabrina included all of the tracks in the setlist! Sabrina’s discography is an amazing rollercoaster of emotions, so these shows have also alternated some throwdowns and throwbacks, like ‘Paris‘ and ‘Sue Me.’ Sabrina has also included ‘Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying‘ for the OGs out there!

Sabrina Carpenter, Our Fashion Queen!

Sabrina‘s tour outfits are always so cute, and we’ve been loving her sexy and adorable combos during the first live dates! Our favorite outfit so far has to be the black corset and the patterned mini-skirt she wore on opening night. We can’t wait to see her next outfits! If you are attending any of the emails i can’t send tour dates, be sure to send us all your pics!

What has been your favorite part of the emails i can’t send tour? Would you like to see Sabrina live as much as we want to? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And for more coverage on live music, click here!


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