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The Ultimate Driving Playlist For glaive Fans

The Ultimate Driving Playlist For glaive Fans

So you just got your license and wanna get into the right headspace to drive around. Or you’re just hanging out with friends and need something to listen to. Either way, you definitely need glaive on your playlist! He has so many incredible songs that will get your mood up and make even just a short drive to the store feel like an adventure.

Get your Spotify open, because you’ll wanna add these four recs to your driving playlist ASAP!

‘three wheels and it still drives!’

You know that rainy day driving vibe where you stare out the window and pretend to be in a music video? Of course, don’t do that if you’re the one driving, but ‘three wheels and it still drives!’ really gives us that energy. This song has a raw vulnerability in a way we haven’t really heard from glaive before, starting off acoustic before picking up in energy, and we can’t get enough. Caution: Tears Ahead.

‘minnesota is a place that exists’

Whether you’re heading to Minnesota or just driving around with friends, ‘minnesota is a place that exists’ is a staple for your road trip rotation! It has an upbeat energy while still offering a little signature glaive angst, so you can scream along to the lyrics and get all the negativity out before reaching your destination. Let’s just hope you don’t run into a flaming UPS truck like the one in the music video.


If you’re prone to road rage, take a deep breath and turn on ‘p*ssed.’ Sing along at the top of your lungs and feel every lyric, then your mood will do a 180! It’s science: it’s impossible for glaive not to cheer you up. Clocking in at just under two minutes, it gives just enough time to let out the bad energy before the next song starts and you let it go.

‘more than life’

Sing-alongs are a bit of a theme here, so grab a friend and get ready for a little Carpool Karaoke duet! ‘more than life’ is definitely one of our favorite glaive collabs of all time – it just has such a fun energy that makes it impossible not to jam out. Watch out if you drive past any creepy statues, though – they might wind up coming to life and singing with you.

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Which glaive song is your ultimate driving anthem? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more glaive content, because we could all use more glaive in our lives, click here.


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