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5 Times MARINA Has Blown Our Minds

5 Times MARINA Has Blown Our Minds

It’s not like we ever need an excuse to bring up MARINA, we do that all the time regardless. But what better reason to celebrate the Libra icon than during Libra season? So join us while we take a look at some of our favorite MARINA serves in her career! These are our top 5 Marina Diamandis moments that prove she always hits the mark.

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Three Words: Madison. Square. Garden.

MARINA is currently on tour opening for Panic! At The Disco across their fall North American tour! This meant that she played at Madison Square Garden for the first time in her career. And oh god, did she f*cking kill it. As if her adding ‘Hermit The Frog’ wasn’t enough of a reason to lose our minds, this fit? The stage presence? The energy? Every single part of this is simply slaying.

MARINA Can’t Be Pinned Down

MARINA surprised fans during her European tour this last summer when she announced that was no longer going to be working with Atlantic Records. She then announced she is now an independent artist. Knowing all MARINA has done within the realities she creates around her albums prior, we are losing our minds at the options we can see happening now that she has complete and total creative control. Proud doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel, that’s our Electra Heart queen!


FROOT is an album that will go down in history as a certified bop-filled record. There are so many reasons behind this, like the way MARINA created the bundle options, the fact the colored vinyl she released smelts like the correlating fruit, and the entire masterpiece that was the Neon Nature Tour. Another is the fact MARINA wrote FROOT completely and totally on her own. In fact, most of the help she did receive was from producer David Kosten, with who she also produced The Family Jewels with prior. Diamandis accredited this to the disconnect she feels from her live performances and recordings, and that Kosten understood this part of her and worked with it accordingly. FROOT just made us ask ourselves yet again, what can’t MARINA do?

2014 Tumblr Is On The Line & They Want To Talk About Electra Heart

Where do we even begin with the gift that is Electra Heart? This album, satire or not, created personas and emotions within us we didn’t know we could conceive prior to its release. To say this album was before its time is nothing but an understatement. The persona of Electra Heart herself, the energy and power this album created and carries to this day, our jaws never left the floor. Which song fuels your ego daydream? Ours is ‘Power & Control’ for sure.

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The Archetypes

If we’re talking about Electra Heart, we have to follow it up by talking about nonother than The Archetypes. This was a video series that accompanied the Electra Heart album. These videos told the story of Electra Heart herself, her rise, and her downfall. MARINA has never publicly told us this exact storyline, some people think it plays out in the order of the videos. Starting with a shifting point in Electra’s life, the birth of her true Primadonna form. This follows her into a marriage, ruined by her own ego and refusal to submit to her partner’s wants in any regard. Followed by a spiral, and the end of Electra as we know it. Some think this is the narrative, but the videos tell it in the exact opposite order. Starting with her end, going all the way back to what led her there. Either way, the way MARINA created these narratives and an entire reality within this album continues to make our brains overheat from amazement.

MARINA continues to prove time and time again that she is here to stay, and here to absolutely slay. We can’t wait to see what she creates with her next project, especially now that it’s going to be 100%, MARINA. Let us know what your hopes are for her next project in the comments below. Or send us a tweet on Twitter @thehoneypop! Or let us know your ideas on Instagram or Facebook!


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