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5 Ariana Grande Songs With The Ultimate Winter Vibes

5 Ariana Grande Songs With The Ultimate Winter Vibes

At The Honey Pop, we consider ourselves Ariana Grande stans first and human beings second. Like, seriously, Ariana could sing the alphabet song, and we would be streaming it. So, since we figure that you guys probably love Ariana as much as we do, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite Ariana Grande songs that have the perfect cozy Winter vibes!

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‘just like magic’

Released as a b-side track on the Positions album in 2020, ‘just like magic’ is a lighthearted and fun song about manifestation. Throughout the lyrics, Ariana preaches about how she can attract the things she wants in life and how good karma is her aesthetic. Honestly, we wish our vibes were as impeccable as this song. It has a super magical and dreamy vibe, making it the perfect song to listen to on a snowy Winter’s walk. 

‘Santa, Can’t You Hear Me’

‘Santa, Can’t You Hear Me’ was released by Kelly Clarkson and Ariana Grande on December 9th, and we already know it will be a future holiday classic. The song discusses how Kelly and Ariana don’t want Santa to bring them pointless gifts like silver bells and ‘magic snowmen.’ Instead, they want Santa to make their dreams come true and bring them love for Christmas. Kelly and Ariana’s voices complement each other so well, with both of them utilizing their powerhouse vocals to create a flawless holiday bop. ‘Santa, Can’t You Hear Me’ is seriously the collaboration of our dreams, and not adding it to your Winter playlist would be a serious misstep.


‘R.E.M’ is about Ariana not wanting to wake up from a dream where she has fallen in love with someone. While this isn’t a holiday song, something about Pharell’s dream-like production and its overall vibe makes it feel perfect for the Winter season. ‘R.E.M’ is a staple song in Ariana’s discography, and we couldn’t imagine making a Winter playlist without it. If for some reason, you’ve never heard ‘R.E.M’ before, then we give you permission to click off this article and listen to it. Go listen, fast!

‘Winter Things’

Could we really make a list of Ariana songs with Winter vibes and not include this song? ‘Winter Things’ is a wholesome festive song about wanting to do Winter-themed activities with your partner when they come to town for the holidays. Despite it being extremely warm where she is, Ariana sings about wanting to get out her warmer clothes and go ice skating. It’s one of Ariana’s cutest songs and is guaranteed to make you feel like it’s snowing even if you live on the equator. 

‘Santa Tell Me’

We have seriously had this song on a loop since November 1st and we don’t plan on changing that until at least January. ‘Santa Tell Me’ is Ariana’s most iconic holiday song, being released in 2014 and consistently re-entering the charts every year since. Through the lyrics, Ariana asks Santa whether the person she is in love with reciprocates her feelings because she can’t ‘give it all away if he won’t be here next year.’ The song draws on Ariana’s staple pop and R&B influences whilst still injecting a healthy dose of festive fun. Honestly, can a playlist really be Winter themed if it doesn’t feature ‘Santa Tell Me?’ 

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