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3 Tanner Adell Songs Your Playlists Need

3 Tanner Adell Songs Your Playlists Need


We love when artists blend genres effortlessly, and Tanner Adell does just that. Putting some spice in country and a little twang in pop, she’ll find a way into every one of your playlists, no matter the vibes! It was hard for us to narrow this list down, but we’ve grabbed three songs that we feel really show the talent that is Tanner Adell.

‘Love You a Little Bit’

One of our favorite aspects of country music is the story it tells through its lyricism, and Tanner Adell has it nailed down to a tee! Depicting that feeling of young love as you drive down “La Cienega” holding hands and exchanging puppy eyes, ‘Love You a Little Bit’ solidifies that emotion and makes it something you can always go back to. All you have to do is press play.

‘Honky Tonk Heartbreak’

You know a song slaps when the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders pull out choreography and pom poms! Let’s just say we were as excited as Tanner Adell when we saw the footage! With a fun story that’s not too deep and lyrics showcasing someone just having a good time, we know this will be blasting from honky-tonks everywhere! So crack open that cold beer and bourbon, and get ready to put on your dancing shoes!


#duet with @Mads #dance let’s say it made it to my target audience 🥲🤍 #countrymusic #fypシ #dallascowboys #nfl

♬ Honky Tonk Heartbreak – Tanner Adell

After hearing that clip, we’re sure you’ll want even more, so we stuck the full song right below for you to press play and jam out! It’s giving line dancing on a Friday night in your favorite cowboy boots. And before you say it, we know, you’re welcome.

‘Tan Lines’

When artists use wordplay, it scratches a certain part of our brain and Tanner Adell is the queen of doing so. Adding some spice to make you sweat, ‘Tan Lines’ has us staring out the window at the dripping eye candy as we chug some sweet tea to quench our thirst, literally and figuratively. We promise you that we’ve already established it as our anthem for the next “hot girl summer.” Bring on the heat baby, because it’s time to get our tan on.

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We take great pride in knowing we helped you find your next favorite artist, so again, you are very welcome. And if Tanner Adell isn’t getting added to your playlists at this very moment, are you okay? Let us know your favorite Tanner Adell songs, lyrics, and TikToks in the comments below, or give us a shout-over on Twitter and Instagram! You can also follow our Facebook page!

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