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Cherry Bullet – To Take On The World With ‘P.O.W!’

Cherry Bullet – To Take On The World With ‘P.O.W!’

It’s been a year since we’ve been deprived of Cherry Bullet music, but they’re finally back! Cherry Bullet just dropped their third mini-album: Cherry Dash, along with one of their most impactful title tracks to date: ‘P.O.W! (Play On the World).’ It might have been a year since their last comeback, but Cherry Bullet hasn’t lost a single spark of their charm.

‘P.O.W! (Play On The World)’

Cherry Bullet are mostly known for their bright and joyful songs – and ‘P.O.W!’ fits right in that category but with a twist. While the song is bright, upbeat and the perfect dance track, it also has a dark and impactful twist to it with its heavy EDM influence. ‘P.O.W!’ is unapologetic, overflowing with confidence, and addictive. The girls really owned the song. The drop is probably the best part of the song, it’s fun, catchy yet powerful. ‘P.O.W!’ is different from their previous title tracks and we love to see them experiment and try new things all while staying true to themselves. One thing’s for sure: ‘P.O.W!’ by Cherry Bullet is the empowering anthem we didn’t know we needed, and we love to see this side of them.

Cherry Dash

As much as we love ‘P.O.W!,’ the best part about this new Cherry Bullet release is probably the b-sides in Cherry Dash. ‘Whistle Like That’ could easily be a title track as well – the addictive and catchy whistling sound, the perfect anti-drop, and the energy overall. This might be one of their best b-sides ever released. While it’s still upbeat and bright, and very Cherry Bullet-like, it also showcases a more mature side of them and immense growth. ‘Whistle Like That’ is simply a perfect song.

Cherry Bullet excels at making pop songs, and ‘Cloud Nine’ and ‘Queen’ are perfect proof of it. ‘Cloud Nine’ is such a sweet song, overflowing with lively energy. ‘Queen’ is even more of a dance track. It’s a bright and upbeat love song. These two songs are pop excellency: the production, the vocals, everything about it is incredible.

Cherry Bullet close off this release with ‘A Winter Star.’ While their incredible vocals and harmonies shine all throughout the mini-album, this is the one that highlights them the most. And these girls can sing for sure. Contrary to the other upbeat bright songs, ‘A Winter Star’ is an emotional ballad full of nostalgia. There’s no better way to describe this song other than by saying it is simply magical. Cherry Bullet did magic, not only with this song but with this entire mini-album. While they stay true to the sound we love and cherish from them, they also prove growth and versatility. We love everything about this comeback.

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Was ‘P.O.W! (Play On The World)’ what you expected from this Cherry Bullet comeback? What’s your favorite song out of Cherry Dash? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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