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3 Agust D Lyrics That Hold A Special Place In Our Hearts

3 Agust D Lyrics That Hold A Special Place In Our Hearts

He’s the king, he’s the boss, he’s THE Agust D! Not only is he a phenomenal rapper, but he’s also a brilliant producer and songwriter known for powerful tracks like ‘Daechwita’ and ‘What do you think?’ Although we love these songs as they bring out our alter ego, we also want to acknowledge the tracks of his discography that are more sentimental and have a profound meaning. For those who aren’t familiar with his work, which we doubt because he’s an icon, just know that all lyrics by Agust D are top-tier.

Guess I’m slowly becoming an adult … Where have the fragments of my dream gone?

‘28’ ft. NiiHWA

As we grow older, we may start to feel that the dreams we had as children are unattainable and slowly leave them behind due to the events we’ve been through and the lessons we’ve learned. In this song, Agust D expresses the uncertainty and fear of growing up, which most of us have experienced at one point in our life. “Everything will be better once I graduate. I’ll accomplish x by x age.” These are common phrases we may have told ourselves, only to end up disappointed. So, if you find yourself resonating with this song, we hope you’re able to heal your inner child and pursue those dreams you may have buried in the past. 

Dream, you will fully bloom, After all the hardships…

‘So Far Away’ ft. SURAN

Life is tough, but as we continue to learn and grow, we are bound to eventually reach our full potential. It won’t be easy, especially when we are constantly faced with challenges, but it is possible. Even if you may “not have a dream like everyone,” just know that it is completely fine – there is no shame in that. Don’t feel pressured to have one if you still haven’t figured out what you’re passionate about and want to work towards.

Set me free, these days I feel blue for some reason…

‘Interlude: Set me free’

If you’ve been feeling down lately, remember that you are not alone. Sadness is part of being human, and you should allow yourself to feel your emotions in order to process them. You may also have days that are tiresome, but if possible, make sure you take proper care of yourself and don’t hesitate to reach out to your support system. 

If you resonated with any of these lyrics, we want to take a moment to tell you that it is okay to not be okay, and there is no rush to achieve things by a certain age – take your time, and you’ll get there. With that being said, we hope that you love and appreciate Agust D’s discography as much as we do. His plausible work aside, SUGA/Agust D/Min Yoongi is not one to shy away from being open and honest about his struggles, thoughts, and feelings, which is one of the numerous characteristics we admire about him. Agust D has taught us to not care about other people’s opinions, and SUGA has taught us to acknowledge both the good and bad parts of ourselves. Min Yoongi, who encapsulates both personas, has taught us both and so much more.


Lastly, we wanted to ask: Are there any Agust D lyrics that hold a special place in your heart? What is one thing he has taught you? Is there a song you’re excited to see him perform soon? Let us know @thehoneypop. Want to read more about the king himself and the rest of the BTS members? Click here!



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