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BamBam’s First Full Album Tastes ‘Sour & Sweet’

BamBam’s First Full Album Tastes ‘Sour & Sweet’

The wait for BamBam’s new comeback was definitely worth it – everything about Sour & Sweet proves it. BamBam blows us away with his best releases yet and his first solo full albumSour & Sweet. He put his everything into it, and it truly paid off. We’re going to have this one on replay for a long time!

The Title Track

The real star of the show is, of course, the title track: ‘Sour & Sweet.’ While we love every single song in this album, this one is really the highlight. BamBam is a genius for releasing this song as the title track of his first solo album. ‘Sour & Sweet’ is one of the most upbeat songs in the album, with its lowkey retro beat mixed with hip-hop and RnB. It’s unlike any of his other title tracks or his songs in general, yet it is so BamBam. It feels refreshing and new and a huge step forward for him as an artist. ‘Sour & Sweet’ is addictive and has an indescribable energy. It’s truly an absolute K-pop masterpiece. It makes us feel fortunate to be here to listen to it.

BamBam went all out in this album in every single aspect, and the music video for ‘Sour & Sweet’ is proof of it. It is hands down his best music video, with several beautiful shots and overall gorgeous cinematography. This is a music video to discover with your own eyes – and you will truly not regret it. BamBam didn’t play around with this release at all.

The B-Sides

As much as we love ‘Sour & Sweet,’ it doesn’t mean the b-sides aren’t worth the same attention and love. If there’s one thing BamBam will always do, is create a cohesive album. In Sour & Sweet, BamBam gets probably more personal than ever before and portrays different sides of a bittersweet feeling with every single song.

‘Feather’ is a dreamy opening track that lures us into this new concept. It’s a soft, calm start, with lyrics about loneliness and love. Yes, BamBam hits us with bittersweetness right from the start. ‘Take It Easy’ and ‘Ghost’ follow the same energy we’ve loved from BamBam’s earlier releases with a trap beat. While in ‘Take It Easy,’ BamBam opens up about the highs and lows of his lifestyle, in ‘Ghost’ he sings about heartbreak. The lyric “I’m still loving your ghost” embodies just how hauntingly beautiful this song is – representing the in-betweenness of resenting someone and still loving them.

The second half of Sour & Sweet is when BamBam truly explores and plays the most with new genres. ‘Let’s Dance’ is a very unique song in his discography – it’s vibey, and it’s an amazing slow RnB song but unlike any other of his songs. The lyrics are also all about trying to hold on to someone you know is already gone. The production in ‘about YOU’ is one of the best things in Sour & Sweet – the loop and the beat make it such a catchy song. It overflows with confidence and energy, so true to BamBam. And with how low he goes, that pre-chorus simply hits you in the core of your soul.

‘TIPPY TOE’ is the only song in the album that is fully in English, and it’s also the most light-hearted and fun song. It’s a carefree and feel-good song that can never go wrong. But BamBam closes off Sour & Sweet on a whole other note: ‘Wings’ incorporates strings in such an innovative way, and it creates a truly dreamy atmosphere. His falsetto in the chorus sounds incredible, and this song fills you with hope and emotions. It creates a perfect full circle within the album.

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BamBam put everything of himself into this album, and it truly paid off – it’s his best release. His album tells a story and is a rollercoaster of emotions. We won’t be forgetting about Sour & Sweet anytime soon. This is how to make an album.

Is ‘Sour & Sweet’ your new favorite BamBam title track? What is your favorite track in the album? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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