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Indiana Jones Is Concluding But The Legend Will Live Forever

Indiana Jones Is Concluding But The Legend Will Live Forever


Hey adventurers! We are gaining speed with the upcoming release of the newest adventure in the Indiana Jones franchise. The U.S. premiere of Indiana Jones and the Dial Of Destiny was full of life as the stars of the movies made their way down the red carpet. Let us tell you that this was a very star-studded cast making that red carpet, red hot. Of course, Harrison Ford, the leading man gloriously walked the carpet looking oh-so dapper. We expect nonetheless from the legendary Indiana Jones actor. We love that old man!

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Others that made their appearance on the carpet were Mads Mikkelson and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Along with John Rhys-Davies; if you’ve watched Indiana Jones before you’ll recognize him from the first movie. And most notably Karen Allen; yes the Marion, good ole long-time love interest of Indiana Jones since Raiders of the Lost Ark. That is just some of the cast that blessed the red carpet on June 14th ahead of the June 30th release date for the last installment of the franchise. 

We’re so excited to know that the cast was excited to be on the red carpet to promote Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny!  It’s memorable and monumental for all involved and the film industry at large.

Indiana Jones Is Leaving Behind An Impressive Legacy

Indiana Jones has been around for decades, now enjoyed by many generations of fans and their families. Saying goodbye to a character that is now so deeply embedded in pop culture and used in and out of film studies classes is not easy. Fortunately, with a cast that’s embracing this bittersweet experience of closing a chapter in their acting careers, we fans can too. All of us can and will still find enjoyment in the Indiana Jones conclusion.

Now since the full Indiana Jones franchise is available on Disney+ for streaming, you can sit down and rewatch your favorite moments in the comfort of your home. We highly recommend that you do before you get that movie ticket for Dial of Destiny. 

Our mission here is to share our finds from an archaeology dig. THP conducted our own little Indiana Jones adventure and we’re sharing what we’ve uncovered! It’s a few of our favorite moments from the Indiana Jones movies! It’s the best treasure that we’ve discovered. You know that we’re ready to share it with the world. Too bad we can’t put these findings into a museum (yet). 

1. The Plane Fight Scene in Raiders of The Lost Ark. 

This is a highly climactic moment in the movie! This is just one of many fight scenes, however, this scene from the moment we first watched it was intense and best demonstrated Indiana Jones’ quick wit thinking. Indiana and Marion had a very narrow escape before the massive explosion after the scene concluded which just gives action adventure. Then they go off and have a very romantic scene on the ship after Marion accidentally wacks Indiana in the head with a mirror. Just romantic! 

2. You Know We Can’t Ignore A Good Star Wars Easter Egg in Temple of Doom

The opening of Temple of Doom is so interesting! We have the main female/love interest of the movie, Willie Scott, singing in a Chinese restaurant right before Indiana attempts to do a trade with what we can assume are mercenaries. Indiana being himself thinks it’s a good, fair, non-evil trade until he realizes that they poisoned him! All breaks loose in a fight for the antidote and a diamond. Fortunately Indy gets the antidote! Willie and Indy somehow jump out of the window and into the car that Short Round is driving. As soon as they are in the car Short Round drives past a club. The club is called Club Obi Wan being a sneaky yet enjoyable Easter Egg back to Star Wars. Partially both for Harrison Ford who plays the charismatic Han Solo and for George Lucas who directed both franchises

3. The Last Crusade’s Final Test 

Once Indiana and his crew finally make it to the place of the Holy Grail, they have to go through tests to get there. It wouldn’t be an action-adventure and sci-fi-labeled movie without a little extra mystical addition thrown into the midst. Watchers of this movie get pulled in so deeply into the challenges that must be passed to see if they could even find the true Holy Grail! 

With bated breath, watching Indiana lead the way through the Breath of God, the Word of God, and the Path of God is full of suspense. Especially during the Path of God which is an invisible bridge over a large and likely a very deep canyon. Then lastly you get to the most important challenge of them all – finding the Holy Grail. Choosing the wrong cup might be fatal! 

If you’re like us and have played Lego Indiana Jones then you know how much fun this level is but also very challenging. Imagine if you had to be Indiana Jones at that moment. 

4. Meeting Up Again With Marion in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 

Remember Marion from the first movie? Yeah, she is Indiana’s love of his life. Was he the best to her? We will let you watch the movie to find out! Regardless, they have reunited again with a lot of tension and quickly fall into quicksand. We won’t tell you what led up to that. However, this time there’s a new person in their crew who saves them from that quicksand, Mutt. Despite all of the tension between them, Marion is completely mush next to Indy and vice versa. It’s so cute, it’s sickening. 

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Oh, and who is Mutt you might ask? 

Well, he is someone with a love of archeology, leather coats, being all rough and tough, and a bit stubborn. Does that sound like anyone we know? Let that sink in. To get more of Indiana Jones and his family dynamic, you’ll have to watch this movie. 

“Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.” – Indiana Jones

Do you like our top 4 favorite moments from the Indiana Jones movies? Do you have your own top favorite moments that you’d like to share with us?

Let us know below what those are or let us know what you’re looking forward to in the new movie! Don’t forget to let us know on our socials too, we’re available on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @thehoneypop to talk about Indiana Jones (or Harrison Ford) 24/7, just hit us up! We hope this has inspired you to rewatch all those movies and get your movie ticket! We will have so much to talk about soon. 



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