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Here’s How Our Lovely Jimin Is Just So Bestie-Coded

Here’s How Our Lovely Jimin Is Just So Bestie-Coded

Park Jimin. A man of many talents. He’s good at so many things: singing, dancing, performing, he’s truly a multitalented king. But one thing he’s also really good at is being a best friend. Whenever we’re binging BTS content, from Bangtan Bombs to Bon Voyage and everything in between, we can’t help but wish that he was our bestie. He really is just the kind of guy you want to spill your secrets to, share inside jokes with, and just have a great time with. Here are some of our Jimin bestie moments that feed into our fantasies a little more…

He Spends Time With ARMY Doing Activities

Jimin often gets up to different things and is never hesitant to include ARMY! From his lives where he builds LEGO sets, to his vlogs where he made friendship bracelets, it really feels like we’re just a couple of besties doing bestie things. And while we’re sure both Jimin and ARMY would love to have the opportunity to do these things in person, this is definitely a good alternative!

He Has Such A Caring Nature

Another way Jimin radiates bestie vibes is by how much he cares for people. Whenever one of his members is feeling down, he’s there by their side, comforting them. He even makes sure to provide comfort for ARMY.

One of the most notable examples of this is back in 2020. During the virtual celebration for the class of 2020, BTS spoke via a video call from Seoul, Korea, to offer words of wisdom and advice for the graduates. When it came to Jimin’s speech of offering congratulations, he expressed a lot of emotion. From his worries about their health and well-being, particularly during the height of the pandemic, to reminding them that no matter where they are in life, there is someone in Seoul, Korea, who understands them. His speech was commended not only by ARMY but also by viewers around the world who felt touched by his simple yet sweet and caring words.

He Stans His Besties

Jimin is such a huge BTS stan! While the members have been doing their individual projects during chapter two ahead of their group reunion in 2025, supportive bestie Jimin has been in stan mode. He’s been visiting his fellow members on the set of their music videos, been there for some of their music show performances, and even flew out to Chicago to support j-hope as he headlined Lollapalooza!

He’s The Perfect Partner In Crime

A bestie is always willing to get up to mischief with you, which is another reason why bestie Jimin is the best Jimin! You’ll often find him having some mischievous fun with fellow members, particularly V. Dubbed as the 95z from their shared birth year, Jimin and V have proven that they are bestie goals, and their chaotic antics have definitely gone down in BTS history! The Vmin salt cola prank on SUGA spring to mind for anyone?

He Always Matches Your Energy

One thing about Jimin that screams bestie is how he will always match your energy. Are you concerned about something? He will share your concerns. Feeling down in the dumps? He’s sad that you’re sad and will comfort you. Are you hyped up to the max? He’ll be hyped with you! Whatever your mood, Jimin will match it, and that is so bestie-coded.

He’ll Be Down For Doing TikTok Challenges With You

@bts_official_bighit #TXT 동생들과 함께하는 #지민러쉬라이드 #세상에서제일달콤한라이드🍭🍬 #LikeCrazy #지민 #Jimin #Jimin_FACE #수빈 #SOOBIN #범규 #BEOMGYU #투모로우바이투게더 @txt.bighitent ♬ 오리지널 사운드 – BTS

When it comes to dancing, of course, our dance king, Jimin, will nail it every single time! So, he’s the perfect candidate for TikTok dance challenges. He may not have his own account or keep up with the top trends, but you just show him the dance you want to do, and he’ll shine like the star he is and nail it to perfection. And he’ll be enthusiastic about it, too!

He’s The Ideal Travel Companion

Jimin really enjoys traveling. He enjoys any time he has to explore cities he’s in when touring, and also loves to take trips during his downtime, too. Having been to many countries around the world, he’s definitely an experienced traveler and would be great fun to explore different places with. We love watching the G.C.F in Tokyo when we’re feeling wanderlust and can’t help but imagine what a great travel buddy Jimin would be!

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Would you love to be Jimin’s bestie? What are some Jimin bestie moments that stick in mind for you? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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