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‘BANG BANG’ Fort Worth! Nessa Barrett’s in town!

‘BANG BANG’ Fort Worth! Nessa Barrett’s in town!

If we had to choose a handful of artists to listen to for the rest of our lives, it would include Nessa Barrett. The 21-year-old singer/songwriter recently performed in Fort Worth, TX at Tannahill’s Tavern and Music Hall for her Church Club For The Lonely Tour and we have all the details! 


MAY-A, also known as Maya Cumming, is an Alternative musician from Australia. Although MAY-A was the only opener for the show, they were a powerful and energetic start to the evening! We loved watching them perform and could tell that they loved doing so as well.

Image Source: Simone Key for The Honey POP
Image Source: Simone Key for The Honey POP

Nessa Barrett

Nessa took the stage starting with ‘scare myself’, one of our personal favorites off of her first EP ‘pretty poison’. Nessa’s stage presence and angelic vocals will never disappoint. As long as we have her music, we will be in love forever. 

Image Source: Simone Key for The Honey POP
Image Source: Simone Key for The Honey POP

Multiple times throughout the set, Nessa took time to tell the crowd how much they are loved and how much she cares about them. There was a moment during the set when so many fans made her friendship bracelets, Nessa told everyone to toss them on stage because she wanted to make sure she got every single one! This is another reason why we absolutely admire Nessa’s kind-hearted and caring soul. Nessa paused the set a few times as well to make sure everyone is well and hydrated. The venue staff were amazing at making sure everyone had water and was feeling great!

We could watch Nessa over and over again and never get tired of seeing her perform. Being in the crowd, we felt like family. The fans are constantly looking after each other and having a good time with one another, even if they don’t know each other! That’s something that we love the most about Nessa’s shows.

During the ending encore, Nessa brought out two fans. One fan during ‘i hope ur miserable until ur dead’ as a present for her 16th birthday, and another during ‘BANG BANG!’, just because Nessa said she was “so darn cute” and we totally agree! We will never get over how caring Nessa is towards her fans. We loved getting to experience and sing along to our favorite songs during the Church Club For The Lonely Tour! If you haven’t been able to see Nessa Barrett before, check out the full gallery from the show below!

Have you been to the Church Club For The Lonely Tour? If you haven’t, make sure to get your tickets here. You will not regret it!

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