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Ethel Cain Songs You Need On Your Fall Playlist

Ethel Cain Songs You Need On Your Fall Playlist

Ethel Cain

If y’all didn’t know, here at THP, we are big fans of our girl, Ethel Cain. We previously covered Ethel with our favorite lyrics from the singer-songwriter, so if you are new here and want to know more about her, please check that out. But we are moving on to another reason why we love Ethel. Honestly, no one else perfectly represents the Fall season much like her. And as much as we love Ethel, we love Fall just the same, so what better way to talk about two of our favorite things than making a special Ethel Cain Fall playlist just for y’all? Just imagine a breezy fall night while listening to these beautiful tracks. 

Let’s get into it!


Starting off our list with ‘Casings,’ a track all about heartbreak. Get ready to cry with this track as it literally starts with the line, “Am I not good enough for you? / Is there something wrong with me?” Does it usually make us cry with every listen? Yes. This is one of those Ethel Cain tracks that we think is highly underrated but shouldn’t be, so get to listening to it.


So, if y’all didn’t know, Ethel Cain’s music is filled with stories. It has its own lore and everything which we love so much. This track’s story is about Ethel, who had something tragic happen to her, and so she’s singing from beyond the grave to her mother as a final goodbye. We can’t talk enough about how creative it is.

‘Famous Last Words (An Ode to Eaters)’

‘Famous Last Words (An Ode to Eaters)’ is a collaborative release between Ethel and 1017 ALYX 9SM, that is hauntingly beautiful. It is inspired by the movie Bones And All, which follows cannibals. This makes perfect sense with really any of the lyrics, but especially the closing, “Eat of me baby, skin to the bone, Body on body, until I’m all gone / But I’m with you, inside.” It is very YellowJackets coded, which iykyk. 

‘Sun Bleached Flies’

This album is a personal one for Ethel as she gets to tell stories of her upbringing with the church, her environment, family, as well as being trans. ‘Sun Bleached Flies’ follows the disconnect she had felt for her community. She references her other track, ‘A House In Nebraska,’ with the line, “And I’m still praying for that house in Nebraska.” It’s another one of those tracks that we listen to around this time and cry to.


If y’all know us, we love musical references to literature, and the track name, ‘Ptolemaea,’ is a reference to Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. This comes from Dante’s Inferno, so here’s the thing: each story and chapter in that piece of literature represents a different circle of hell, with this one representing treachery. The track follows the character of Isaiah and Ethel, as Ethel navigates her way through the darkness. You’ve probably heard this track on TikTok. (There is a really iconic scream in it.) This has to be up there with our favorite Ethel tracks. 

One day, we’ll break down the Ethel Cain lore for both of our entertainment, but right now, we will just stick to giving you Ethel tracks you need on your fall playlist and any playlist. We think Ethel Cain deserves all the hype; she is super talented with her vocals, songwriting, and basically everything. So you better add these to your playlists; we’re watching you 👀.

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What Ethel track is your favorite from our Fall playlist? What extra track would you add on it? Let us know in the comments down below or over on Twitter @thehoneypop, and don’t forget to talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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