Our Favorite Lyrics From Each Faith In The Future Song

It’s no secret that Louis Tomlinson’s Faith In The Future is one of ‘The Greatest’ albums of all time! We’ve seen him grow so much since his time in One Direction, and we are so proud of his musical evolution. Faith In The Future is one of those albums that you’ll be thinking about for a long time after your first listen, and part of that is because of how amazing the lyrics are! In honor of that, we’re here to share our favorite lyrics from every song!

‘The Greatest’

Together, we’re the greatest; it’s you and me until the end.” Simple but so sweet! Despite the track only being written to open Faith In The Future World Tour, it feels like a love letter to us, his fans. Louis and his Louies are an unstoppable team!

‘Written All Over Your Face’

When we’re finished saying nothing, can we please get back to loving? When it’s good, it’s really something. Can we please get back to us now?” Honestly, we just love the way this flows into the chorus. It’s very sonically satisfying.

‘Bigger Than Me’

‘Cause I feel alive now. I realize that the world outside is bigger than me.” ‘Bigger Than Me’ was the perfect lead single for Faith In The Future, and we won’t accept any arguments! The acceptance of everything changing and things falling into perspective was the perfect start to Louis’ new chapter. Bonus points for the All Of Those Voices mention!

‘Lucky Again’

Whatever gets you through the darkest night. Just find light out in the madness. Hold tight.” These lyrics share such an important message, and we had to highlight it. When times are hard, find something to hold onto because you will be ‘Lucky Again.’

‘Face The Music’

Good and bad and right and wrong are stories made up when we’re young to scare us. Love and hate are in-between, depends on your reality to see them.” Is Louis a lyrical genius? Yes, yes, he is. This moral gray area he speaks of goes along with his not wanting to ‘Face The Music.’ We love it.


Just because it didn’t work doesn’t mean it’s meaningless to me. It just wasn’t meant to be.”Chicago is one of the most heartbreaking Louis songs, but we love it dearly. Louis accepts that though the relationship was meaningful to him, it wasn’t meant to be, and that’s okay. It’s bittersweet.

‘All This Time’

But the friends we make, the love it takes, it’s worth, it’s worth, it’s worth the pain.” If Louis’ friends didn’t cry at this, they’re fake. Okay, maybe not everyone gets as emotional as us with his lyrics, but how sweet is this?

‘Out Of My System’

I know you wanna come with me. Take anything you can carry and leave everythin’ else behind. I am only half of what I think I can be.” This is such a fun track, and these lyrics create a perfect build-up to the chorus! If you went to Faith In The Future World Tour, you already know how amazing this is live as well.


You used to read me like a headline so many reasons; now you’re not mine. Maybe if you’d taken more time, I’d still be the one you wanna talk to every night.” Again, lyrical genius! This person only viewed Louis at the surface and never bothered to actually learn about him.


My heart might be broken, but I won’t be broken down.” Picking just one lyric for this song was incredibly difficult, but this line is one of Louis’ best! Despite being heartbroken, he’ll push through until he heals.

‘Silver Tongues’

I know nobody understands me like you do. It’s times like these we’re so much happier.” ‘Silver Tongues’ is all about those small moments in life with people who truly know you. These lines capture that perfectly!

‘She Is Beauty We Are World Class’

Escape the inevitable, fade into light. Soak up the empathy ‘cause I’m with you tonight.” These lyrics are so fun, just like this track! With ‘She Is Beauty We Are World Class’ on rotation, it’s always going to be a good time.

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‘Common People’

All the late nights and the good times. The heartbreaks, the mistakes. When I get lost, I go
back to where I started.
” Louis is very proud of his roots, and he shows it in ‘Common People.’ We love how humble and appreciative of his beginnings he is.

‘Angels Fly’

Look at the horizon. Does it make you feel small? Put the pain behind you now. You don’t need it anymore.” If you ever need reassurance, this is the perfect Faith In The Future track for that!

‘Holding On To Heartache’

Time can always heal you if you let it make its way into your bones. Nothing’s ever easy, to be honest; I’m not easy on myself.” Do we feel a little called out? Yes. Are we okay with Louis calling us out? Absolutely!

‘That’s The Way Love Goes’

When it cuts you when you bleed. That’s when you’re feelin’ it the most. That’s the way, that’s the way love goes.” These lyrics might be some of the simpler ones on this list, but we love them all the same!

‘We Made It’ through our favorite lyrics from Faith In The Future! For the record, we love them all, but we had to highlight these. What’s your favorite lyric(s) from Faith In The Future? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop, or find us buzzing on Facebook and Instagram!


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