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8 Signs You Should Read Sophie Wan’s Women Of Good Fortune

8 Signs You Should Read Sophie Wan’s Women Of Good Fortune

We at THP don’t get to review an incredible read like Women of Good Fortune by Sophie Wan every day. But we know a gem when we see one! And now we’re not-so-patiently waiting for its official release in March 2024.

Women of Good Fortune takes us to the wedding of the season in the heart of Shanghai, where we find a brilliant trio of women (Lulu, Jane, and Rina) who will stop at nothing for a life they can call their own, even if it means breaking norms (and the law). It’s perfect for fans of Crazy Rich Asians and Ocean’s 8!

Sophie Wan’s debut novel has absolutely won over our hearts. And we know you’ll love it too! In Chinese culture, the number eight equates to wealth, making it very lucky. So, here are eight signs you should read Women of Good Fortune!

Cover: Women of Good Fortune by Sophie Wan
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Book Overview

Summary: Lulu has always been taught that money is the ticket to a good life. So, when Shanghai’s most eligible bachelor surprises her with a proposal, the only acceptable answer is yes, even if the voice inside her head is saying no. His family’s fortune would solve all her parents’ financial woes, but Lulu isn’t in love or ready for marriage.

The only people she can confide in are her two best friends: career-minded Rina, who is tired of being passed over for promotion as her biological clock ticks away; and Jane, a sharp-tongued, luxury-chasing housewife desperate to divorce her husband and trade up. Each of them desires something different: freedom, time, beauty. None of them can get it without money.

Lulu’s wedding is their golden opportunity. The social event of the season, it means more than enough cash gifts to transform the women’s lives. To steal the money on the big day, all they’ll need is a trustworthy crew and a brilliant plan. But as the plot grows increasingly complicated and relationships are caught in the cross fire, the women are forced to face that having it all might come at a steep price…

You Live For Feminism

In Chinese culture, unmarried women over 27 are considered “leftover women.” This term also applies to well-educated women who have passed the “appropriate” age for marriage. Society deems them unworthy for not being conventionally attractive or for prioritizing their career over marriage, because women are expected to give up everything they’ve built to marry someone and raise their children.

Sophie Wan does an excellent job subverting this concept with each main character. They have desires to bring joy, self-acceptance, and freedom to their lives – and they stop at nothing to get it. They’re fighting against disapproving parents, social standards, and traditions. And we applaud our main trio for always staying true to themselves.

You Struggle With Your Relationship With Your Parents

Women of Good Fortune lets us relate to almost every situation the characters experience, even childhood trauma. In many families, parents treat their children as assets and investments. That pressure only causes children to resent their parents, a common theme that continues into adulthood. From financial obligations to casual insults and humiliation, this book touches on so many sensitive topics in parent-child relationships. We think everyone needs to read the book at this point!

You Love Weddings

If a book centers around a wedding, we’ll read it no matter what! And we don’t care how many books we buy because of it. Women of Good Fortune starts ten months before the wedding, and the timeline moves quickly. But be warned: Lulu’s future mother-in-law, Peng, is a nightmare. As if wedding planning isn’t already stressful enough, our trio has to plan a foolproof heist simultaneously. You can already imagine all the drama that ensues.

…And Multiple POVs

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: multiple points of view and alternating perspectives are IT! There’s something so enjoyable about knowing how more than one character thinks and feels in a novel. Women of Good Fortune gives us the story from Lulu, Jane, and Rina’s perspectives. We dive deep into their relationships with partners, friends, and family, learning about their goals and what kind of life they desire. And as always, we ate it up!

You’re A Fan Of Well-Developed Side Characters

Yes, you’ll fall for all of the side characters in Women of Good Fortune. That’s what we did, at least. We meet Mei, Rina’s cousin and getaway driver, and Michelangelo, a counterfeiter who’s seen it all. They’re both down-to-earth and beyond reliable in the heist! Jane’s husband Zihao grew on us once he started opening up and putting more effort into their marriage. And Vic, Rina’s smooth-talking, bad-boy love interest, is one of our favorites.

You Enjoy Plot Twists

We were so nervous for our main characters during the entire wedding day heist. They had to double-check everything they did, from switching the money safes to preparing the getaway car. And while we were also entertained, we didn’t even notice the secondary plan until the characters discussed it after the wedding. There were so many distractions and unassuming wedding guests (us included). You’re not ready for the plot twist!

You Worry About Losing Your Friends

One of the pillars of Sophie Wan’s debut novel is friendship. And we can’t emphasize how real and relatable our main trio is. The heist strained and tested their friendships, and each person acted selfishly and dishonestly at times. But they also teach us that a good friend is hard to lose. And even when their dreams take them to different cities and countries, they find ways to stay connected. So don’t give up on your friends, and trust that you’ll find your way back to one another.

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You Love Happy Endings

As fellow lovers of happily-ever-after’s, we adore the ending of Women of Good Fortune. The author blesses us with an epilogue updating us on Lulu, Jane, and Rina several months after the wedding slash heist. Everyone moves forward with their lives in the healthiest way possible. It made us so content and hopeful for the futures of our characters. We can’t think of a more satisfying way to leave the book. 10/10!

Women of Good Fortune has everything: a no-nonsense female trio, lovable side characters, and a wedding slash heist that will keep you glued to the pages!

Women of Good Fortune by Sophie Wan is out on March 5, 2024, and you can preorder a copy of it here!

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