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Exclusive Interview: Sinego Talks All Things ‘Alterego’ And How Latin Culture Inspired The Project

Exclusive Interview: Sinego Talks All Things ‘Alterego’ And How Latin Culture Inspired The Project

Get ready to load up your playlists because we have quite the early Christmas gift for all of you! We are breaking down Sinego’s new album, Alterego, in the best way we know how by interviewing him, of course! Alterego is part one of an even bigger cultural-musical picture; you’ll hear more about that throughout our conversation! Sinego drew inspiration from many different cultures and customs, and the beauty of that diversity comes through so clearly on this record. 

We sprinkled some of our absolute favorite tracks in between questions, so be sure to check those out; Sinego is the real deal! We hope you love this conversation as much as we do! Stream Alterego here!

Hi Sinego! First of all, thank you for taking the time to talk with us! We’d love to start out by asking about your sound! How would you describe your sound/vibe to someone who is tuning in for the first time?
Such a great opportunity to be here with you guys! My sound is like if you take Anthony Bourdain, Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez’s Once Upon A Time in Mexico, and mix it with Monolink and Black Coffee.

It’s basically a fusion of House with traditional genres from Latin America & Spain.

Alterego is your debut album, which means congratulations are in order!!! From the beginning stages, to now, the project being available for our ears, how long did the process of creating this record take?
It was a 2 year long process that took place in different cities in Latam like La Havana, Cuba, Bogota, Col, CDMX, MX, and many more! It took so long because of the nature of recording the samples I would later use on the tracks and also creating a documentary around it.

Splitting a project into two parts is such an interesting concept! Can you talk us through how you decided what tracks would go where and how you theme each part of the project?
I believe Latin America is a land of contrast, and I want to express that with the new album. It’s a region not completely cheerful and full of light, but also a dark place where nostalgia takes place. That’s why there are 2 parts on the album: El Dia (Day) and La Noche (Night). El Dia is an easy listening experience and La Noche is a dancefloor-oriented project.

We know that creating this project was also used as a travel opportunity. Was there a particular place you visited that you wish you were able to incorporate more on the project?
Cuba. This is a country that completely blew my mind with its diversity of genres and talent in musicians. I’d love to go back just to explore the cultural richness of La Havana, Vinales, and more cities in the region.

On the same note, highlighting Latin Culture is something so important to you with your platform. What is, in your opinion, the thing that makes the Latin music culture something so special?
Latin Culture is a product of mestizaje. The mix of Indigenous, Black, and Spanish culture, thus it’s incredibly full of rhythms, Spanish harmonies, and magical melodies. That contrast makes it very deep.

You have your hands in many bags in the music industry, being a triple threat with being a producer, a musician, and a vocalist; what do you think is the biggest way having multiple paths of musical knowledge helps you when creating a track?
I think when you’re able to transmit a feeling in the lyrics but also create a rhythm that moves walls, magic happens. That’s the key to my productions, a full package that allows you to connect with your rational/emotional brain (lyrics) and your instincts.

Back on the topic of Latin Music, could you share three tracks with our readers within that vast musical world that really inspired you while making Alterego?
‘Mi Mujer’ – Nicolas Jaar
‘La Niña Del Volcan’ – YoSoyMatt
‘Banho De Folhas’ – Maz

We know that part two of Alterego is due in early 2024, can you give us any information on what we can expect for the new set of tracks?
Yes, yes yes… There are tons of tracks coming with people I wanted to work with for a long time like Xinobi, Moullinex, Omeria, Alejandro Molinari, and more. It’s definitely a darker take on Latin music, it´s from the view of melodic house and techno, which gives me some kind of curiosity to see how audiences will react on the dancefloor.

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On a similar note, What do you think are the two biggest creative differences between the two parts of the record?
The two parts of the record are separated between Nostalgia, Love, and Catharsis. El Dia is based on romanticism, and La Noche is based on the past and catharsis on the dancefloor.

Aside from the second part of the album, coming early next year, what can we expect from you next? What can fans look forward to?
I shoot a live video showcasing what Sinego will look like in festivals in 2024. My full live band version. Trumpets, Mexican guitars, and pianos. I really look forward to showcasing this because it takes elements from projects like Cercle and Boiler Room, and mixes them with traditional culture from Mexico. I can say it has tons of horses and cowboys.

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track off of Alterego by Sinego? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok!

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