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Our Favorite Hozier Videos To Celebrate The ‘Francesca’ MV

You can never go wrong with more Hozier


Hozier Takes Us Through An Icy Storm For ‘Unknown / Nth’

‘So much of the livin’, love, is the being unknown’ we never heard truer words


Hozier Makes His Journey Through The Nine Circles Of Hell For ‘Francesca’

“I would still be surprised I could find you, darlin’, in any life /
If I could hold you for a minute”

4 Hozier Performances To Get You Excited For His Tour

The Unreal Unearth Tour is going to be unreal!

hozier unreal unearth

During Tumblr’s Peak These Unreal Unearth Lyric Posts Would’ve Found Their Way To Your Feed

From the best song-writer we know…

5 New Songs To Add To Your Fall Playlist

Fall- Coffeehouse- Acoustic-esque music will always reign supreme

Songs We Can’t Wait To Scream Our Hearts Out To

From Agust D to Fall Out Boy and Queen we have the songs we can’t wait to scream our hearts out to during the summer tours!

We Found Self-Acceptance In The Last Dinner Party’s ‘Sinner’

Acceptance of how obsessed with them we are; that is!

Newport Folk Fest: Our Final Thoughts

What makes a great music festival? Community.

These Stripped Back Tracks Make Us Melt

Honesty, *that* performance of ‘Take Me To Church’ still has us in a choke hold