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Through The Years: The Evolution Of 5SOS

They grow up too fast, don’t they?

The 5SOS Fam Makes Us A ‘Complete Mess’

Just a little 5SOS Fam appreciation moment <3

5SOS Are The Kings Of Fan Engagement

Fame is temporary. Fan engagement is forever.

The 8 5SOS Songs That We Won’t Let Die

Our campaign JUSTICE FOR EMPTY WALLETS 2022 starts right here

5SOS Furthers Our Nostalgia With The Video For ‘2011’

One word, Calum Hood.

5SOS header

Our Fave Introspective 5SOS Lyrics In Honor Of 5SOS5

It’s happening!!!

QUIZ: We Can Guess Your Favorite 5SOS Song

We can guess your favorite 5SOS song with this quiz, or you get your money back.

Let The Celebrations Begin: 5SOS Announces 5 Seconds Of Summer Show & ‘2011’

We are screaming and not sure how to stop.

Quiz: Can You Tell Which Of These 5SOS Facts Are False

C’mon. Give it your best.


10 Things We Learned From 5SOS’ 10 Years Podcast

What did we learn from 5SOS’ podcast? Don’t trust 5SOS. 😹