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5 SEVENTEEN Tracks That Make Us Feel Like We’re In SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN

5 SEVENTEEN Tracks That Make Us Feel Like We’re In SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN

We’re going to be honest with you it feels like just yesterday we got a new comeback from SEVENTEEN, but in reality it’s been six months since FML! Which we honestly can’t believe.

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If you’re in the SEVENTEEN bubble you probably know, but if you didn’t know…SVT are set to release their 11th mini-album SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN, October 23rd! And look everyone of their album releases have been very creative and cute but this one might be our favorite if we’re being honest.

What We Know So Far

To officially announce the album, the official SVT account posted a video of a festival wrist-band, with the name, time, and date. SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN is a play on the phrase ‘Seventh Heaven’ meaning in a state of ecstasy or extremely happy. The album is going to have three different versions, AM 5:26 Version, PM 2:14 Version, and PM 10:23 Version. Each title has very important meanings IYKYK, but just to make sure everyone is filled in, 5:26 represents their debut day, 2:14 Carat’s Day, and of course 10:23 the release of the album.

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Don’t they look cute! It’s a totally different vibe and look than what was given to us with FML. We’ve also recently got a schedule for the comeback so get your calendars ready.

Courtesy of Pledis Entertainment

So it seems like the comeback kicks off the 23rd/24th with SVT Right Here @ Everywhere, as well as SVT Streaming day the following week, October 1st. And we know now SVT releases a playlist for Carats to stream, but y’all know we always have tracks you should be streaming handy. So today in honor of the album being announced, here are five SEVENTEEN tracks that make us feel like we’re in SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN

‘Fallin’ Flower’

Y’all are probably tired of hearing us talk about ‘Fallin’ Flower’ but we honestly can’t stop talking about it. It will always reign supreme amongst a lot of SEVENTEEN tracks. As soon as that opening starts playing we enter an eternal bliss.


From the Performance Unit we have ‘MOONWALKER.’ Seeing this live during BE THE SUN TOUR was simply life changing. Not only is the choreo amazing but the vocals in this were top notch.


We’re going to be honest with y’all, there was a time when we had ‘BEAUTIFUL’ stuck on repeat because of the serotonin we got from it. “Beautiful” being sang in a high note, gets us every time.

‘GAM3 BO1’

‘GAM3 BO1’ is from the Hip-Hop Unit. This track right here. was a surprise to us when we first heard it, and obviously not in a bad way! There’s just something about this song that makes us want to hit repeat.


Ending our list is ‘Healing.’ The happiness that this track, and MV gives us indescribable. If you want a little throwback and want to feel all the feels make sure to add ‘Healing’ to your streaming lists.

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See exactly tracks you should be streaming to get you ready for SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN. Speaking of the upcoming comeback make sure you preorder and presave it here.

So Carats what did you think of our choices? Which SEVENTEEN tracks make you feel like you’re in SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN? Which version of the album are you getting? Let us know in the comments down below or over on Twitter @thehoneypop, and don’t forget to talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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