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5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan Halsey

5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan Halsey


In the past five years, Halsey has taken the world by storm and stolen all of our hearts in the process! Even if she hasn’t won your heart yet, it’s clear to see that the international pop star has come a long way from posting videos of herself singing on Tumblr. Currently, she has us shaking in anticipation with the announcement of her upcoming album Manic, which is to be released on January 17, 2020. There is no doubt that she is a force to be reckoned with. If you aren’t sold yet, no worries; we can get you caught up before the new year with these 5 irrefutable reasons to stan Halsey!


1. She is all about empowerment.

With her ever-growing audience that she has both online and through her music, Halsey uses her platform to empower others. In the heat of the recent political crisis surrounding reproductive rights, she released her music video for her hit single, ‘Nightmare’. The video focuses on women, and young girls, from all walks of life, uniting and rebelling. These same women are shown protesting in the streets. Halsey is fighting for what she believes in and she wants others to know they have every right to do the same!

2. She is an absolute style icon.

Halsey is a master of duality, especially in fashion. There is something about her seemingly effortless ability to make even the most basic of outfits look runway ready. However, even with her style superpower, she doesn’t shy away from experimenting with bold, artistic looks. From red carpet glam to casual looks, she manages to radiate style. She is stunning in flannel and ripped jeans, just the same as she is in a magnificent custom-designed gown!

3. She has the most relatable online presence.

Halsey does not hold back in showing her interests and cracking jokes with fans online. She keeps it real with what she posts, including top-notch banter with a side of self-deprecating millennial humor. When it comes to other artists, she is not afraid to geek out. It’s always refreshing to see an artist we adore, adoring other artists with the same passion!

4. She stays true to herself, always.

To have an artist in the spotlight, adamantly stand up for herself and shut down the unhealthy treatment she receives, is inspiring. Halsey makes it commonplace to be open about her experience as a bisexual woman, along with her life with endometriosis. She tells her story with an honest voice and a sincere heart. There is incredible strength in standing sturdy in the spotlight for people around the world who have lived through similar experiences, letting them know they are not alone. She was the drop in the ocean that started a ripple effect, that escalated to become a tidal wave of love and support!

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5. She embraces her full artistic range.

Not only does she thrive in the music industry, but she also shines in every art form she pursues. Recently she gave her fans a glimpse of just how talented she is with a time-lapse of her painting the album cover from her recently released single ‘Graveyard’. Also, she has pursued her artistic vision by both choreographing and dancing in her music video for her single ‘Clementine‘. No matter where fame takes her, she continues to grow and refuses to neglect her other creative outlets!

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If you still need more reasons to stan Halsey, we’ve got you covered!


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