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THP Exclusive: Finding Her Throne, Alt Princess Maggie Lindemann

THP Exclusive: Finding Her Throne, Alt Princess Maggie Lindemann


Delving deep for the inspirations that became her upcoming EP Paranoia, Maggie Lindemann has shown her growth as an artist and creator in many facets of her career. Debuting in just 2015, her 2016 single, ‘Pretty Girl’ amassed over 1 Billion streams and she’s been hot in the game ever since. But this year you can tell that she’s really found her voice and place as an artist, in all aspects.

Changing up her style from the pop tunes she’d been previously known for, Maggie released ‘Friends Go’ in the spring of last year, and soon thereafter released a collaboration of the track with ‘Friends Go’ featuring the legendary Travis Barker. Taking a step towards the world of alternative, Maggie seems to be confidently finding her way in this genre of music, and saying we love it is an understatement.

Following this alt princess on her journey to her new EP Paranoia, set to be released on January 22nd of next year, has been phenomenal, but we got you an exclusive on this journey, a look into the mind of Maggie Lindemann and how she feels about the release of this project and her other creative endeavors while we are still in these challenging times!

You have a really rad personal style. How does it influence your music and vice versa?
I’m super into fashion and style and I feel like what I wear influences my attitude and music. Also just my genre of music, I feel like for generations is influenced by fashion.

Not only are you a musician but recently you dropped a clothing line and started a podcast, what’s it been like to branch out to these other fields? What inspired you to do so?
I love fashion and have always wanted to get into it so I feel like with the opportunities I have I’m luckily able to branch out and do stuff I love. My podcast is just me speaking to anyone that wants to listen ha.

You gained popularity through Keek and there’s a lot of artists who are finding themselves in similar situations on TikTok — what do you think the benefits are of these short video sharing apps for musicians like yourself trying to get noticed as opposed to using other methods of trying to put yourself out there to find an audience/following?
Well I just think with social media it’s easier to get yourself out there compared to what people used to have to do, going to record companies hoping to catch a break. I feel like a lot of it is personality driven now and with social media you have a real chance to show that.

Image Source: Samantha Simmons

What was the writing process like in this weird time for your new EP Paranoia? Did you get to work with any other amazing artists in the industry?
I mean it’s been fine, in the beginning it was hard but it’s gotten easier. I worked mostly on it before covid so it didn’t affect the EP that much. Ya, I have siiickbrain on the EP and I’ve had the chance to work with a lot of amazing people on this project.

You have recently taken on music production, which is badass. What would you say is the most significant take away from that project so far? What about the most challenging part?
I feel like I really found myself and became happier in the process. The most challenging part has just been making it sound the way I want, I’m super picky. 

We hear a slight Avril Lavigne influence in ‘Knife Under My Pillow.’ Did you take any inspiration from her or earlier pop punk-ish artists when making the song? Who would you say is your most current pop-punk influence?
Ya I’m definitely influenced by her. There’s so many different influences for each song I make, but Avril is definitely a huge one. And I think a lot of people around me influence me. I’m lucky to know a lot of my favorite musicians and they always inspire me.

’Gaslight’ is ambitious – we love that you took your sound above and beyond. How did you decide which direction to take this song and what made you want to add siiickbrain’s talent to the track? Where did you get the inspiration for the song?
Caroline is my best friend and I’ve always wished I could scream. I love her and her music and wanted her to come add some craziness to my EP, so we kinda just did it.

‘Gaslight’ and ‘Scissorhands’ offers fans a fresh new sound from you, can we expect this same sound on your upcoming EP? Is it a mix of this and your typical style or do you have plans to dabble in other genres?
Ya the whole EP is this genre and I don’t plan on moving away from the sound. 

Can we expect a tour in honor of your new EP once things start to open back up, and if so, do you plan to go further than just America? Who would be your ideal tour mates to kick off your journey into this genre?
YES!!! I wanna travel and tour once it’s safe. And omg idek, there are so many people I would love to tour with. MGK, poppy, and Yungblud would be cool.

What would you say to fans that are just finding out about you to get them to stick around, and what song of yours would you recommend that you think best describes you as an artist?
I think ‘Scissorhands’ is definitely the most me, but idk – hey haha thank you for listening. It gets me so hype when I hear people saying they like my new stuff, I’m just thankful for people to be listening. 

Watching Maggie Lindemann grow into the gothic rose she is today has been an incredible journey and we can only impatiently wait for next month to hear this masterpiece of an EP in full! And best believe we will be sitting head to toe in Maggie Lindemann apparel hitting refresh until it pops up in our streaming platforms on January 22nd!

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Want to be twinsies? You can check out Maggie Lindemann’s apparel line here!

Until then, you can stream her newest single, ‘Loner’ out just in time for the holiday season! And yes you heard us correctly, Maggie made this song with people who are alone for the holidays in mind, reminding them that they are not alone.

Loner’ is about feeling alone even when there’s people around. It’s about coming to terms with it and being comfortable in your alone-ness and giving yourself permission to feel sad if that is how you feel. Everyone has those moments, especially this year and especially around holidays – it’s ok, you’re not alone.

Said Maggie in a Recent Press Release

Vibe out to ‘Loner’ below and let us know what you thought in the comments below or tell us what track you’re most excited for on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!


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Featured Image Sourcevia Maggie Lindemann’s Website

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