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5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan The Aces

5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan The Aces


If you’re a frequent reader here at THP, you may know it’s no secret we love The Aces. The band, consisting of Cristal Ramirez, Alisa Ramirez, Katie Henderson, and McKenna Petty, released their first single, ‘Stuck,’ back in 2016, and we haven’t been able to get enough of them ever since. We’re finally ready to tell you five reasons you should stan them as well!

1. Their Music And Vocals Are Stunning

Obviously, one of the biggest reasons to stan the band is their music. They’ve got some fantastic songs that make us want to dance and others that we want to sing on a long drive. Basically, The Aces have pieces for every occasion. They have some phenomenal lyrics, beautiful vocals, and instrumentals we just can’t get over! You need to give these girls a listen if you haven’t already.

2. They’re An Inspiration

The Aces is a band consisting of all girls, which is super badass! Society seems to think that women can only be singers or occasionally guitarists, so seeing a band full of only young women is inspiring to girls who want to play music. Those who are familiar with The Aces know that Alisa Ramirez is an incredible drummer, and McKenna Petty can shred the bass just as well as any man. The band inspires their fanbase to go after their dreams, and we’re here for it!

3. They Stay True To Themselves

The Aces have always been adamant about staying true to themselves, no matter how difficult it may be. The band members are very open about their sexualities and write songs that stay true to this. The song ‘Kelly’ off of their album Under My Influence is an excellent example of this. Cristal, the band’s lead singer, also posted her coming out story on YouTube, sharing the experience with fans and encouraging them to embrace their sexualities as well. The band makes sure to let their fans know they aren’t alone!

4. They Keep Their Fans Involved

The Aces often make videos of themselves in the studio along with random video diaries to keep their fans involved. Their YouTube account is home to many tour videos and behind the scenes videos and one of the girls working out and a few others. They also keep fans updated on their social media accounts and often interact with them.

5. They’re Relatable

That’s right, the fifth reason we think you should stan The Aces is they’re super relatable. They’re like the girls next door that you not only want but need to be friends with. They have such fun energy and can be total goofballs. They know how to keep it real, which is refreshing.

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These are just five of the many reasons we think you should stan The Aces. Did we convince you to give them a chance? Are you already a fan? If so, tell us why in the comments or on our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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