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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Chungha

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Chungha


Chungha is just about to drop her amazing, your sure-to-be favorite full-album Querencia on February 15th. So, it is the perfect time for you to start stanning this all-rounder K-POP queen! Chungha rose to fame through participating in the first season of the famous Produce 101 series and then debuting in the group formed through the survival show called I.O.I. Since the group’s disbandment in 2017, Chungha has gone on to pursue a fantastic solo career and make a name for herself with a fantastic discography and an amazing stage presence.

We, here at THP, are huge fans of Chungha and are proudly a part of Byulharang. We think your time to stan Chungha is right now, so we have listed five of our favorite reasons why she is a great idol to be a fan of.

Her Stage Presence

When it comes to performances, there is truly no one who seems to do it as Chungha does! If you just have a look at the ‘Play’ performance you will understand what we mean. Chungha truly knows how to do it all from singing to dancing and putting on a bombastic show. She is also well known for her amazing performances and her end of the year stages have yet to disappoint fans. With her new album about to drop, we are really hoping to see more of these amazing performances. For a solo artist, this is rare as they have to work harder to fill a stage, but Chungha does it effortlessly.

Her Catchy Discography

We will tell you, finding an idol who can’t cover at least one Chungha song will be hard. Her 2019 hit song ‘Gotta Go’ has been covered multiple times! This is only a tiny taste of her amazing and flawless discography. Chungha is a very versatile artist and offers something for everyone. Exploring multiple genres such as dance-pop, Latin, and ballads she delivers nothing but bops for Byulharang. We are sure that you will be able to find one of your new favorite songs among the many Chungha has released.

So Many Collaborations

Chungha is high in demand when it comes to collaborations. Besides collaborating with fellow Korean artists such as TVXQ‘s MAX, pH-1, and Super Junior‘s Yesung, she has collaborated with her fair share of western artists as well. Her upcoming album Querencia is even going to feature huge Latin artist Guaynaa. This will make Chungha the first solo K-POP artist to do so. What a queen! But until then she has plenty of other collabs for you to check out such as the fantastic ‘Dream of You’ with R3HAB which we have linked above! A true bop, and Chungha looks absolutely fantastic.

A Multilingual Queen

Image Source: MNH Entertainment via Twitter

Chungha was born in Korea but she lived in Dallas, Texas for eight years which resulted in her being fluent in English! Because of that, her discography includes a vast amount of English songs as well as Korean and soon even some in Spanish! We love it when singers can sing in multiple languages and Chungha sure is a multilingual queen! She can communicate with her fans in both Korean and English perfectly and so Byulharang from around the world can feel extra close to her!

Her Friend Squad

Chungha with DIA’s Huihyeon. Image Source: Chungha via Twitter

Chungha made her debut in the entertainment industry as a member of I.O.I and so her closest friends to this day are her fellow I.O.I members. We really love to see all of these girls interact and share their friendship with fans! We live for this kind of content and are not giving up on that potential I.O.I reunion, that we almost got in 2019. Chungha is very well-loved among idols even among her seniors such as SNSD’s Taeyeon or DIA’s Huihyeon, which means she has plenty of idol friends and it is so nice to see. Honestly, we also can’t help but adore her!

Chungha really is one of the best female K-Pop soloists out there and the time to stan is now. So what do you think about Chungha? What’s your favorite Chungha song and are you ready to join Byulharang? Let us know in the comments below and tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: MNH Entertainment via Twitter

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