Kang Daniel Overcomes His ‘Paranoia’ With The Help Of His Own Artistry

Kang Daniel Overcomes His ‘Paranoia’ With The Help Of His Own Artistry

DANITY! We have waited six months for Kang Daniel‘s return and he is finally back with his new single ‘Paranoia.’ This time the idol is challenging his inner demons and is showing fans his dark side with the new song. We, here at The Honey POP, can’t get enough of this side of Kang Daniel and are pleasantly surprised with this new release.

‘Paranoia’ is showing fans how far Kang Daniel has come as a lyricist, since he helped write the song. The lyrics tackle the singer’s feelings he felt during his hiatus. Back then, Kang Daniel was struggling a lot mentally and music helped him recover. Struggling is a topic we can all certainly relate to and resonates strongly with fans, especially since the past year during the pandemic. While the topic of ‘Paranoia’ might be deep and heavy, Kang Daniel did not let that stop him from making a bop. ‘Paranoia’ rejoins Kang Daniel with inverness and Anthony Russo. The three also worked together on the January release, ‘State Of Wonder,’ in which they showcased their amazing chemistry.

‘Paranoia’ has Kang Daniel staying true to his sound. The track is an alternative R&B song with a strongly rhythmic drum-dominated instrumental. Daniel’s vocal performance and delivery of the lyrics set an almost haunting atmosphere and transport you effortlessly into the state of mind Kang Daniel was in when he was writing this song. His emotions can be felt through every line of the song, which makes ‘Paranoia’ another great addition to the idols’ discography. The music video as well is used beautifully to illustrate the inner conflict Kang Daniel is experiencing, with the use of metaphorical imagery and predominantly black and red tones.

Kang Daniel-Paranoia
Image Source: Naver

Overall, Kang Daniel delivered yet another amazing single with ‘Paranoia’ and we are even more excited for what’s next. Maybe the last mini-album Yellow in his color series is not too far away! DANITY, how excited are you for new Kang Daniel music? Also, what did you think about ‘Paranoia?’ What was your favorite moment during the music video? Let us know by commenting below, tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP, or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Konnect Entertainment

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7 months ago

Still not over this great song!


[…] Kang Daniel is one of the hottest K-Pop solo artists of this K-Pop generation. We here at THP have been positively obsessed with the idol. Daniel just finished up his color series with the amazing EP Yellow and title track ‘Antitode,’ which we can’t seem to be able to move on from! It can also not be helped that we are already desperately hoping for a new summer release, maybe something like the amazing ‘Who U Are’ from last year? […]

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