5 Must-Watch VERIVERY Performances Ahead Of Their Comeback

5 Must-Watch VERIVERY Performances Ahead Of Their Comeback

VERRER were you as surprised as we were when VERIVERY dropped their invitation teaser on February 15th? VERIVERY posted a “mysterious letter from VR” on their social media, and fans were immediately excited! The smell of a comeback was in the air, and VERRER were not let down! The group is slated for a comeback on March 2nd! So far, we have gotten a couple of amazing individual and group teasers. So, our excitement can barely be contained for what’s next for the group. 

Image Source: Jellyfish Entertainment via Twitter

The comeback will be the group’s second single album, but the first release in a new series called SERIES ‘O’ ROUND 1: HALL. VERIVERY released three albums through the FACE IT series last year, none of which left fans disappointed. The group is on their way to a good stable career on the K-pop scene since their latest album Face: Us has also already broken records and charted very well domestically and internationally.

So, of course, not only are our expectations high, but the fans are also very excited for what is coming next! Since we are anticipating VERIVERY’s newest release, it is the perfect time to look back at some of their greatest performances so far! These five performances represent and demonstrate VERIVERY’s potential and stage presence perfectly.

‘Photo’ On Road To Kingdom

‘Thunder’ Performance Video Produced By VERIVERY

‘G.B.T.B’ Halloween Version On MCountdown

‘Shangri-La’ By VIXX Cover

‘Go Go Bebe’ By MAMAMOO Cover On Road To Kingdom

VERIVERY keeps surprising fans with their amazing synchronization and performances. We cannot wait to see what is to come with this upcoming comeback. Hopefully, we will see the group soon back as seven, since member Minchan has been on a hiatus to recover his mental health. VERRER are missing you, Minchan! So, what is your favorite VERIVERY performance? How excited are you for the comeback? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Jellyfish Entertainment

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7 months ago

My absolute favorite performance has to be when they do Thunder Live. Their sync is just so on point it’s crazy and I Love it 🥰


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