Here Is Everything You Need To Know About VERIVERY’s ‘Get Away’

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About VERIVERY’s ‘Get Away’

VERIVERY‘s comeback is just around the corner. VERRER and we, here at The Honey POP, have been counting the days until the new single album by the group finally drops! Now, with the comeback just a couple of days away, it is a perfect time, to sum up, what the group has teased so far.

VERIVERY has been on our radar since they debuted on January 9th, 2019 with ‘Tag Tag Tag.’ Since then, the seven-member group has been exploring various concepts and genres leading up to the upcoming single ‘Get Away!’ The group started teasing the single album with an invitation letter on their social media and has continued to drop stunning teaser photos since then. The latest addition to the teaser lineup has been the highly anticipated tracklist.

verivery-get away
Image Source: Jellyfish Entertainment

The single album SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 1: HALL] will consist of three songs; the title single ‘Get Away,’ ‘Numbness’ and a CD-only release ‘Thank you, NEXT?.’ We were rather curious what the songs will be sounding like and luckily VERIVERY provided fans with a highlight medley of the single album!

‘Get Away’ sounds like it is sure-to-be our new favorite song and will make March so much better! VERIVERY also dropped a mysterious video on Twitter on February 22nd, which has sparked some discussion about the storyline of ‘Get Away.’ The video begins with seven empty chairs illuminated, followed by a powerful sound that seemed to recall the sound of a gun, and the chair slowly disappeared, adding to the breathtaking tension. What could this possibly mean for VERIVERY’s storyline? Have they finally safely recovered Kangmin? We and VERRER are hoping to find out on March 2nd.

So many questions yet to be answered and we hope VERIVERY will answer them with their upcoming comeback. We are completely ready to be blown away yet again by the kings of synchronization and are counting down the hours until ‘Get Away’ drops. So, how excited are you about ‘Get Away?’ What do you think the video means for VERIVERY’s storyline? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Jellyfish Entertainment

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[…] VERIVERY has blown us, here at the Honey Pop, away with their new dark and intense single ‘Get Away,’ which dropped on March 2nd. We haven’t stopped listening to this new bop since its release. ‘Get Away’ rings in a new series and era for VERIVERY called SERIES ‘O’ after they completed the FACE it series last year with ‘G.B.T.B.’ Through the SERIES ‘O’ VERIVERY will fill the year with an album about how to face the dark inner space (O), which each person has, and how to utilize the darkness they find there. Now, that makes us and… Read more »

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