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‘Get Away’ With VERIVERY And Discover Your Inner Darkness

‘Get Away’ With VERIVERY And Discover Your Inner Darkness

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VERIVERY has blown us, here at the Honey Pop, away with their new dark and intense single ‘Get Away,’ which dropped on March 2nd. We haven’t stopped listening to this new bop since its release. ‘Get Away’ rings in a new series and era for VERIVERY called SERIES ‘O’ after they completed the FACE it series last year with ‘G.B.T.B.’ Through the SERIES ‘O’ VERIVERY will fill the year with an album about how to face the dark inner space (O), which each person has, and how to utilize the darkness they find there. Now, that makes us and VERRER think we are in for a treat and we sure are!

‘Get Away’ marks a new journey for VERIVERY and the music video is a real stunner this time around! Since there are various symbolic meanings of ‘O’ such as holes, dots, lenses, infinite possibilities, and connections, the music video really captures these meanings and illustrates them beautifully. The styling of this era is also all about being dark and sexy. One thing is for sure VERIVERY surely pulled it off in the ‘Get Away’ music video. We just couldn’t look away and that feast of food has fans craving for some of that cake!

‘Get Away’ Before It’s Too Late

‘Get Away’ is a theatrical song with a reggae beat for its instrumental and reminds us of VRVR’s company seniors VIXX’s music. That is absolutely our cup of tea! VERIVERY has some of the most promising vocalists of K-Pop’s new generation and they shine brightly throughout the song. Leader Dongheon delivers one of his strongest raps during ‘Get Away’ and we are truly addicted, we have a very, very high fever for more VERIVERY music.

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True to VERIVERY, the choreography is fascinating and sharp as per usual! The group is also performing with dancers for the first time since their debut with ‘Get Away.’ It is a nice change to just seeing the seven-member of VRVR filling up the stage. This time with ‘Get Away’ they are delivering a grander and more bombastic stage performance. We wish the group a lot of success with this well-rounded single and can’t wait to see what is to come next in SERIES ‘O. So, what was your favorite part of the music video for ‘Get Away’? What do you think of the stage performance? How many times have you listened to ‘Get Away’ since it dropped? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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