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5 Brave Girls Songs To Keep Your Playlist ‘Rollin’

5 Brave Girls Songs To Keep Your Playlist ‘Rollin’

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If you follow the K-pop scene closely, then you know that ‘Rollin’ is an inescapable earworm as of late. The Brave Girls hit has become a huge trend in South Korea during the past month, thanks to the military and YouTube, and we are not complaining. Even though ‘Rollin’ is a 2017 release, the tropical house beat still gets you on your feet and dancing. We, here at The Honey POP, couldn’t be happier for Brave Girls and the girl group finally getting the attention they were so deserving of since debut. If you have been encountering ‘Rollin’ everywhere but have no clue who Brave Girls is, then do not worry. This is exactly why we are here to give you all the deets and some new jams for your playlist. Brave Girls surely know how to make a bop, that gets stuck in your head.

Brave Girls debuted with ‘Do You Know” on April 7, 2011, as a five-member group under Brave Entertainment, a label founded by the famous producer Brave Brothers. The girl group released two mini-albums and one single album with this lineup. They even won Rookie of the Year at the 19th Korea Culture Entertainment Awards. In 2013 it was promised to fans that Brave Girls would be releasing their first full album. But due to Brave Brothers having to also produce for FNC’s AOA, that album sadly never happened. Brave Girls was on long hiatus until 2016.

It’s Been A Long Rocky Road For Brave Girls

The group came back with a digital single titled ‘Deepened’ in 2016 with five new members and two members from the original Brave Girls lineup. The new seven-member lineup went on to release one more single and a third mini-album. In 2017 the last two remaining original members announced their departure from the group leaving Brave Girls as a five-member group.

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This member lineup brought fans the fourth Brave Girls mini-album and with it, the now mega-hit, ‘Rollin’ on March 7th, 2017. After that, the girl group members participated in a survival show and another member left the group. The remaining four-members came back to fans after three years with a digital single ‘We Ride’ in August 2020 and had been on hiatus ever since. Until they went viral on Youtube in February of this year. Now, ‘Rollin’ is everywhere and the girls are topping charts, getting perfect all kills, and winning one music show after the other. This is truly a story of K-pop underdogs finally getting their big break. We, here at The Honey POP, were so happy to see ‘Rollin’ finally getting the attention it deserves. Since Brave Girls have even more hidden jams in their discography, we are ready to give you five more songs for your playlist to keep it ‘Rollin.’

‘We Ride’ (2020)

Up first is, of course, ‘We Ride,’ the girl group’s latest comeback. ‘We Ride,’ which was Brave Girls’ take on the retro wave with the help of city pop elements, has been stuck in our heads since August 2020. We are so happy that this won’t be the girls’ last comeback like they thought it would be.

‘Deepened’ (2016)

‘Deepened’ was the first taste of the new seven-member Brave Girls we got and it did not disappoint fans. The song leaves you with a feeling you can’t really describe. Are you supposed to bop to this song or cry? Or maybe both? However, this sensual song is a must for every K-pop playlist.

Nowadays, You‘ (2012)

The mid-tempo pop song which is ‘Nowadays, You’ left fans in awe back in 2012. We got to see a new side of Brave Girls after their R&B debut era! The song, even nine years later, still makes fans emotional.

‘High Heels’ (2016)

We were obsessed with ‘High Heels’ back in 2016. The electronic dance tune made for such a fun bop and is on blast even five years later. Also, the girl group looks just fantastic in the music video, a must-have bop on your playlist.

‘Do You Know’ (2011)

Brave Girls’ debut cannot be missing from this list and it is only right that it comes last. ‘Do You Know’ was the R&B debut back in the day and it is just as good a decade later. 2011 Brave Girls were really on top of their game and should be on top of your playlist.

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Brave Girls are about to become the new top girl group and we love to see it happen, every step of the way! They have waited 10 years to finally get the attention they deserve. We are certainly cheering them on. So, how obsessed are you with ‘Rollin?’ Did your favorite Brave Girls song make the list? Did you stan Brave Girls before they went viral? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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