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Dempsey Hope Tells Us All About ‘on my mind’ In Our Exclusive Interview

Dempsey Hope Tells Us All About ‘on my mind’ In Our Exclusive Interview

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Seattle native Dempsey Hope is about to become your next favorite artist! With his pure honesty in his songwriting and the connection he’s building with his fans there’s no doubt in our minds that he’s certainly well on his way to superstardom!

We first became aware of Dempsey Hope after hearing his track ‘autumn!’ It’s one of our favorite songs, especially lyrically, we’ve heard in a while! We had started to see him all over the social media app TikTok after that and the rest is history, we were sold!

His newest release ‘on my mind’ is far beyond anything we were expecting! It’s such an incredible track and really shows what a stellar artist Dempsey Hope is!

We were lucky enough to get to chat with Dempsey Hope all about his newest track ‘on my mind,’ growing up in Seattle, and much more!

Be sure to stream ‘on my mind’ here!

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Dempsey Hope!

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You’re from Seattle which many considered to have one of the greatest music scenes in the US and has produced some of the greatest talents of all time, what was it like growing up in that environment?
Seattle as a whole as well as the environment I grew up in was very welcoming. I felt from a young age very encouraged to chase my dreams and do what made me happy.

On the topic of Seattle, we know you did some busking. What were some places around the city you’d busk at? How did that help shape you as an artist and just as a person in general?
YES! I used to sing at Pike Place Market but also all the festivals like folklife, Bumbershoot, and more. Busking at a young age just got me out of my shell, to be honest.

With ‘on my mind’ you released it on your birthday! Was that a bit of a metaphor for new beginnings starting with this track? Wanting it to mark a new sound in your musical journey?
Not necessarily, it was an important date to me and it felt fitting to share some art that was just as important to me on that day.

‘on my mind’ is all about the celebration of finding love in another person after finding it in yourself, do you think that self-love is a necessary part of any healthy relationship?
ABSOLUTELY. This is a lyric of mine from another song but it says “you can only love someone as much as you love yourself.”. I’m proud of that line cause it’s so true.

Image Source: Dominick Dodd

Did ‘on my mind’ stem from your real-life experience of falling in love with Kassidy?
Yes, it did. 🙂

Tiktok has been a huge part of your journey! What do you think makes the app such a unique way to reach that niche audience that can be so crucial and supportive?
It’s really just a special time, everyone is on that app. I’m not sure how long it’ll last but it’s such a massive market with so many subdivisions of interests that people are spending all their time on, being stuck at home and all. it’s changing a lot of artists’ lives, including mine.

When you look back at ‘commitment issues’ which you released last year and then at ‘on my mind’ what is the biggest artistic difference you can see in the way you create?
Funny enough, I actually made “on my mind” 6 months before “commitment issues” hahaha. But it’s all just growth as a person and artist. Every day I’m inspired by new experiences I have and art I see or hear.

Image Source: Dominick Dodd
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You’ve gotten to collaborate with some incredible people like Olivia O’Brien and Gnash but if you could create your dream collaboration who would that entail?
Frank Ocean.

We love the lyrical content of your music so much! For us ‘autumn’ is a stand-out that we really connected with, is there a specific song that you’ve written that lyrically you are really drawn to as a stand-out?
‘autumn’ is my favorite song I’ve ever written. It is so meaningful and brings me to a place of understanding, which for me is very calming. ‘autumn’ is the one that stands out for me, so far.

With having a large platform on Tiktok yourself it’s helped so many people find your music, are there any artists you’ve discovered over TikTok that you’re now an avid fan of?
Definitely, the list is long. Jack Kays, Tai Verdes, 347aidan, Lizzy McAlpine, Jayxander, upsahl, and many more!!!

With live shows put on a hold over the last year, you haven’t gotten the chance to bring all this incredible music directly to the fans! What are you most looking forward to about being able to hit the road as things start to get back to a sense of normalcy?
Just to perform. It’s always been a dream of mine starting with my busking as a kid. I can’t wait to share my art with people live and direct.

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