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EXCLUSIVE: Jonas Blue Talks ‘Hear Me Say’ and Las Vegas Residency!

EXCLUSIVE: Jonas Blue Talks ‘Hear Me Say’ and Las Vegas Residency!

We are back with another exclusive interview! And this time it is with the iconic Jonas Blue! You might know him from his popular tracks, ‘Perfect Strangers’ and ‘Fast Car.’ Or you may know him from his many collaborations with artists such as Lennon Stella, Liam Payne, Joe Jonas, MAX, HRVY, and Jack & Jack.

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He just released his newest dance-pop track, ‘Hear Me Say’ featuring Swedish popstar LÉON. This track is a serious contender for the song of the summer and we cannot wait until we can hear this song live and in person. If you want to know more about this song and his upcoming Las Vegas residency, we went over all of that in our interview with Jonas Blue below!

The video for ‘Hear Me Say’ is quite paradisiac as well as the song. Can you tell us more about the concept you developed with Alex Nicholson and LÉON for the video?
We wanted to capture escapism and wanderlust – in a time where travel has been tough and people are thinking of better times ahead, we felt this visual was a really positive vibe for the release.

On your album Blue, you had amazing collabs, and on your new tracks, you’ve been teaming up with new voices in the industry. How do you choose the artists you work with? 
I always have a list of people I’d love to work with, and as we finish each song I start to really think about who would sound amazing on the song vocally and who do the lyrics resonate with and fit well with.

Image Source: Jonas Blue via Universal Music Group

How would you describe your experience with them? Do you have a favorite moment from your collection so far?
All the experiences have been different, I think my first two singles ‘Fast Car’ and ‘Perfect Strangers’ will always be so memorable with the collaborators as we’ve traveled to all corners of the globe performing those songs, they’re the best memories – performing the songs live and seeing the crowd singalong. 

‘Hear Me Say’ surpassed 18 million streams so far, congrats! It is also a serious contender for the song of the summer. How do you feel about this?
Yeah, that’s amazing, I was just happy to get this song out into the world, everyone I played the demo to loved it. It hits emotionally – so yeah I’m very happy with the reception to the song.

What do you think makes a good summer anthem?
Uplifting positive lyrics and melodies, no one wants to listen to a sad ballad at a summer BBQ! 

The track is about expressing ourselves even if it can be heartbreaking. Are there particular experiences that inspired you while you wrote that song?
I think there are some general reference points that we can all connect with emotionally on this one – but I wouldn’t say it’s about one particular experience for me.

How would you say creating a song as a DJ is different from typical songwriting and how is it similar?
For some DJ’s it’s probably very different, but I start a song in a traditional way, usually me at the piano writing melodies and a co-writer working on lyrics.

A lot of young people are creating some amazing music through things like apps on their smartphones or laptop. Do you have any suggestions for beginners or aspiring DJs on where they should start?
I think the biggest advice is to find your own sound – take influence from others, but always try and find your own twist.

Image Source: Jonas Blue via Universal Music Group

Our work lives all changed drastically over the past 18+ months. Is there any new approach for your work that you actually prefer from how you worked pre-pandemic?
It’s been nice for me to have time to work on songs over a longer period of time. Before when I was touring nonstop, I might have a week at home and have to finish a single in that week!

You will be hosting a summer residency in Vegas! Are there any hints you can drop on what we can expect?
I’m bringing the UK energy to Vegas – will be playing some special edits and creating some big memorable moments for the Vegas party crew!

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We absolutely loved hearing from Jonas Blue about their Las Vegas residency and new music. Who else cannot wait to hear what they come up with next? We sure can’t!

Have you heard ‘Hear Me Say’ yet? What did you think about the song and music video? Let us know in the comments below or on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook!


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