We Want To ‘Drown’ In INTERSECTION Kaz’s Music

We Want To ‘Drown’ In INTERSECTION Kaz’s Music

It’s been three years since J-Pop boy band INTERSECTION crashed onto the scene with ‘Heart of Gold!’ The four-member group has been feeding us with bops left and right, and now the members have been venturing out to release solo music as well. Member Kaz just released his new song ‘Drown,’ the first of two singles coming our way this month, after the fantastic self-produced single ‘White Stallion’ earlier this year.

‘Drown’ is the perfect follow-up to ‘White Stallion,’ with a runtime of just two minutes and 48 seconds, the only complaint we have about this song is that it is too short. We wish we could hear more of those hypnotizing vocals and the transcending beat. Kaz’s voice is just beautiful and captures our attention right from the start. Hikari Mitsushima, who features on the song, is also a very nice addition to ‘Drown’ and her vocals are just as stunning, complimenting Kaz’s very well. We are truly drowning in ‘Drown’ and feel like we have to catch our breath after.

Stream ‘Drown’ here!

We are slowly but surely becoming huge fans of INTERSECTION and their solo work. Hopefully, this is just the start for Kaz and the other members! We can’t wait for more singles coming in the near future since Kaz is truly a man of talent, not only is he trilingual but he is also a model and now a fantastic producer and songwriter. Honestly, is there anything this man can’t do?!

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