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6 Reasons Why 2021 Is iKON Bobby’s Year

6 Reasons Why 2021 Is iKON Bobby’s Year

iKONICS on a scale from one to ten how much do you love iKON and Bobby? Is it as unmeasurable as it is for us? Welcome to the Bobbics cult! iKON’s Bobby has been busy the past eight months and just dropped the best news ever on us! He is becoming a father this coming September and getting married! We could not be happier for him and his future baby mama!

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The rapper has been super busy this year and we thought now was the perfect time to celebrate all his achievements this year so far! Here are six reasons why 2021 is Bobby’s year!


Bobby is indeed a very LUCKY MAN and he made us all pretty happy with his full album which dropped right at the beginning of this year. ‘U MAD’ was our hype anthem during January and we would like to report it is still doing its job eight months into the year! LUCKY MAN was a major success for Bobby and showed us yet again what a fantastic rapper he is. Bobby charted very well on international and domestic charts with LUCKY MAN, which wasn’t a surprise to anyone and was honestly very well deserved. 2021 was off to an amazing start for Bobby.

Legend Rookie Award
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During January this year iKON won a huge award, proving how impactful they have been on the K-Pop scene! They won the Legend Rookie Prize at the 30th Seoul Music Awards which couldn’t have made iKONICS prouder. It was just a well-deserved award for the group that brought us ‘Love Scenario,’ which is still being overplayed in our house by the way! This was probably such an amazing moment and achievement for Bobby and the rest of iKON!

‘Why Why Why’

Sadly, LUCKY MAN promotions had to be cut short but for a good reason. Bobby had to help iKON prepare for their highly anticipated comeback. ‘Why Why Why’ dropped right at the beginning of March and it made the cold winter month so much warmer! Bobby comes in during the second part of the song and while iKON’s vocalists are doing the most during the song and really set the mood, Bobby absolutely knocks it out of the park with his rap. This man didn’t win Show Me The Money for nothing!


We know, we know! We do not want to open old wounds either, but you can’t deny that iKON killed it on Kingdom! Their performances were so much fun and honestly, felt like the parties we wish we could have attended during lockdown. Bobby worked really hard to produce and write for iKON during the show and also killed his unit rap stage! However, not only did he really show off his amazing talents during the show, but he was also the scene-stealer of the show. When Bobby was on the screen we couldn’t stop smiling and laughing! His laid-back and easy-going personality really was a breath of fresh air during the intense and serious competition.

His Unbreakable Bond With Hanbin

Double B we are still waiting for Mayish, listen to what the people want! Bobby has always been loyal to his best friend Kim Hanbin even after B.I had to leave the group back in 2019. The two have always been supportive of each other, with this friendship dating back way longer than Show Me The Money days, and they keep showing it to the world. Nothing is stopping this dynamic duo of powerful rappers! When B.I made his long-awaited return to the music scene with ‘Got It Like That,’ Bobby shared a supportive message on Hanbin’s Instagram, basically healing nature. What a day that was and it truly showed us Bobby’s amazing personality and that Double B are going strong!

Becoming A Husband And Father
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Okay, technically this one is still in the making but we already know Bobby is going to excel at both. We have seen Bobby being the absolute best uncle to his nephew throughout the years. and we always knew that whoever was going to be his wife, was going to be one lucky lady. Bobby is such a caring and loving person, as we have seen from him taking care of his six brothers in iKON, that we know he will make an amazing husband and we will always be here rooting for him and his new family!

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Wow, we still can’t stop crying because of Bobby’s amazing news and we can’t wait for iKON’s upcoming comeback! How happy are you for Bobby? What is your favorite Bobby moment of the year so far? How excited are you about iKONs comeback? What’s your favorite song on LUCKY MAN? Let us know in the comments down below, or on Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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