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INTERVIEW: Freddie Future Discusses All Things Present, Past, And Future!

INTERVIEW: Freddie Future Discusses All Things Present, Past, And Future!

A new day has dawned for rising dance-pop musician Freddie Future, and it brings new music in the form of his new single ‘Loving You (So High).’ Released via Physical Presents, this latest single marks the beginning of a new chapter in this musician’s career. The track is arguably Freddie’s finest work to date, with its slick electronic sounds and lively pop elements. With its serenading vocals and mesmerizing tones, the song talks about the state of ultimate euphoria that one experiences in love, and their heart becomes engulfed in the feeling.

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Freddie Future
Image Source: Freddie Future via Twitter

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Freddie Future released his self-titled debut album in 2019 and gained widespread attention with his groovy and lyrically provoking single ‘Too Heavy.’ He has amassed over 2.6 million plays across platforms, and his music has appeared on Spotify’s New Music Friday Canada. His love of music has always been a constant source of comfort and pleasure. He breathes life into classic pop tropes of romance and heartbreak and continues to explore his horizons, exuding lyrical prowess and connecting with listeners on a personal sphere. 

No matter what you’re up to – a romantic date, a relaxing day in the pool, or an adventurous road trip – Freddie Future will make a great addition to your playlist. So you should consider adding him to your musical repertoire as soon as possible if you haven’t already. As soon as we pressed play, we were captivated by his voice. As you can see by our enthusiasm, he is our newest obsession!

Since things are heating up again, we thought it was an excellent time to check in with Freddie to find out what he has been up to and get some details on all that is happening in the world of Freddie Future. So without further ado, let’s get right into it. 

Freddie Future
Image Source: Freddie Future via Twitter

‘Loving You (So High)’ drew us in immediately by its sonically contrasting electro tunes and ethereal vocals, which evoked a sense of euphoria. What was the inspiration for this song (both lyrically and production-wise), and what made you decide to choose it as the introduction to your new era?
‘Loving You (So High)’ was actually the first track written for this new project, and I knew immediately that there was something special here. Production-wise, this sound was a natural progression for me based on all the music I’ve been listening to and so inspired from. I can honestly say it’s more me than I’ve ever been. The song’s lyrics talk about the ultimate state of euphoria you feel when you truly have love for someone when you’re so consumed with a desire that their love feels like a drug.

The accompanying music video has a unique vibe with its futuristic concept and visuals with you on the moon in a floating cube. What was the creative vision behind it, and how was your filming experience?
I wanted both the music and visuals to create this epic 3D imaginary world for the listener and viewer to escape to, all of which are part of a bigger story that will be revealed as I release more music this year. Filming the visuals was such a dope experience, and I loved working with Alex Gayoso and Colin G Cooper. They did such a great job in bringing it all together. 

Over the years, have there been any artists who have profoundly impacted you? Are you interested in collaborating with any fellow producers or artists in the future? 
Rufus Du Sol, Tame Impala, and The Weeknd are all super inspiring. In particular, Rufus Du Sol is a big inspiration and I’d love to work with them at some point. 

Many people find escapism in music that is relatable and feels therapeutic. How do you think music has the power to impact us so profoundly, whether as a listener or a creator?
Music is definitely therapeutic and has a way of helping people get away from their real-life problems. During such difficult times, the power of music has helped so many people on such a deep level by allowing them to transport themselves and find joy. 

‘Too Heavy’ was a lyrically thoughtful single that captivated the attention of so many people internationally, making it a big success. How did you feel about such fan appreciation, and did it turn out as you envisioned?
I don’t think anyone plans for a song to be successful or to be so well embraced by people. But when it happens, it’s truly a beautiful thing to know that fans have connected with a song that I’ve put my whole heart into. I appreciate my fans so much, and they mean the world to me. 

In your experience as a dance-pop musician, which genres are you most comfortable experimenting with, and which genre do you think is underappreciated that you’d like to dabble in?
As a musician, I listen to most genres of music and appreciate a good song when I hear it. I’m open to experimenting with any genre if the song is great at its core. 

Given that social media is constantly growing and creating opportunities for more people to showcase their creativity, what’s your take on social media’s significance to the music industry?
Social media is obviously such a great way to directly connect with fans but at the same time, it can become overwhelming for anyone. It’s good to know the role of social media but also understand that it’s only part of the equation. At the end of the day, I truly feel it’s about a great song.  

Image Source: GIPHY

Has your view on music changed since your debut release to the newest single? What have you learned from your past releases that you will implement in your future ones?
If I’m creating music that is genuine to me, I know it will connect with people. Releasing my newest single has got me hyped to release more new music!

The way you tell stories and express your feelings with such intimacy through songs is wonderful. If you could choose one of your songs to turn into a full feature movie, which one would you pick?
‘Loving You (So High)’ would be the one for sure! It has all the elements of a feature film and I think everyone would connect with it! 

So, what lies ahead for Freddie Future? What are some goals you hope to accomplish over the next few months? Over the next few years?
I’m going to be releasing a lot more music and playing shows!

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We are eagerly waiting for more music and live concerts to come our way. Keep an eye on this section to stay informed about all the new music and tours coming soon. We would also like to thank Freddie for his time and for providing us with all the exclusive details. It’s no exaggeration to say that the moment we heard this newest single, we felt euphoric on an unimaginable level. Do yourself a favor and listen to ‘Loving You (So High)’ right here!

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Featured Image Source: Freddie Future via Instagram. Edited by: Afnan Acharki- THP Graphic Design Team

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