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Exclusive Interview: Amir Brandon Talks ‘Cry in the Shower,’ Singing For JoJo, & More

Exclusive Interview: Amir Brandon Talks ‘Cry in the Shower,’ Singing For JoJo, & More

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Amir Brandon is a rising star. With over 10 million streams across platforms after finding success through TikTok, Brandon is a vocally agile singer-songwriter ready to enter a new era with his latest single, ‘Cry in the Shower.’

Even though he’s just starting out, he’s achieved numerous milestones, including singing on JoJo‘s Instagram livestream and his music getting sync placement on Disney and Netflix. Amir’s striking voice and vulnerable songwriting are a testament to the kind of artist he’s becoming, even in the face of an industry so difficult to break into.

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We absolutely love Amir’s music and were lucky enough to chat with him about his evocative single ‘Cry in the Shower.’ Check it out below!

‘Cry in the Shower’ is an absolutely beautiful, heartbreaking song and you’ve said it is about a person and an experience that was an important part of your life. What was it like putting such a personal song out there for the world to hear?
Thank you! It feels cathartic, and kinda fun actually, to put out something so personal. I could’ve made a more sad-sounding song, but I went with something more boppy and pop with this song, which puts a spin on everything that I’ve gone through over the last year.

The track came about while you were in the shower, correct? Is that somewhere you find musical inspiration often?
Yes! Too often, an idea pops up in my head while I’m humming in the shower, and then I forget it by the time I step out. With this song, I knew it was really good, so I actually got out of the shower before I was done and got the floor soaked, just to get a voice recording into my phone.

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Aside from the shower, what are some other ways or other places you turn to gather your thoughts and deal with your emotions?
I like calling my mom for a shoulder, and for some class-A words of wisdom.

Have you always been in touch with your emotions and not afraid to cry? We know society can make it hard to show emotion sometimes, but we think it’s commendable to be in tune with them!
Let’s set the record straight—guys cry too! Yeah, I’m a crybaby. I try to hold it back when I’m around people, but don’t always succeed.

Your video for ‘Cry in the Shower’ recently came out! What was the inspiration for such simple but touching scenes? What was your favorite part to shoot?
Both my favorite and least favorite part was when the water was pouring down on me. It was really cold and uncomfortable (as you can see from my latest BTS post of the music video on Instagram), but I like how it turned out!

What was it like performing on JoJo’s livestream?
Incredible and nerve-racking. When the request popped up to have me join her livestream, my heart started beating a mile a minute. I revere JoJo for her talent and resilience in this industry. She’s been through a lot, and she came out even stronger. I’m so grateful that I got the chance to sing for her; I’d love to perform with her one day.

You’re a self-proclaimed Pokémon master on Twitter, do you have a favorite Pokémon?
I am THE Pokémon master—my favorite Pokémon is undoubtedly Gengar, who I dressed up as for Halloween this year!

Who are some artists you’d love to collab with?
Mariah Carey and JoJo; it’s a big dream, but I’m gonna keep dreaming, haha. They’re my two biggest influences as a vocalist. I learned most of what I know about singing from listening to their music. There’s so many more artists that I could name for a collab, but this would be a long interview.

What is your favorite part about the musical process?
Production. I love when the different sounds, vocals, and harmonies all come together. It’s really exciting when you can hear your ideas come to life, especially when it’s with producers you enjoy working with.

How has your music helped you define yourself and your identity? What do you want the world to understand about you?
I used to be really afraid to be myself and let myself shine through my music. I grew up with a lot of shame and suppression around me. My music encouraged me to let all of that go because it’s really not a comfortable feeling to pretend to be something I’m not in the public eye. I want the world to finally get to know me the way I know myself.

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Can you tell us about any upcoming projects? Is there new music or potential shows in the works?
I’m working on my next single right now, to be released in the new year. I’m currently a contestant on BillboardNXT, an original competition hosted by Billboard. I’m having a lot of fun!

How do you hope to use your platform as your career grows? What do you want fans to take away from your music and from you as an artist?
I want my fans to take my music however they interpret it. I’m not here to promote any agenda; I just want to make good music that inspires and moves people, and that connects with them however they feel is right.

Stream ‘Cry in the Shower’ here and let us know what you think on Twitter @TheHoneyPop or find us on Instagram and Facebook!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Alley Cat PR. Edited by Afnan Acharki for THP

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