Penelope Darling Takes On London Town

Penelope Darling Takes On London Town

Penelope Darling has been one to watch for a little while now, and we can now prove that fact by gushing about how incredible she is live. She took on the big city of London to perform an intimate gig in a gorgeous venue. It was exactly how we imagined a speakeasy would look and feel.

The Gig

Whilst most of her songs have a slow sound to them, Penelope Darling didn’t fail to make everyone laugh whilst introducing each of them. Cracking jokes and explaining the meaning behind some of them, brought a light-hearted feel to the gig. ‘Alone’ is what you would assume to be a break-up song. However, Penelope said it was actually about a strange man who stole her debit card for a period of time. In other words, we really can pull inspiration from everything. Penelope also slowed down a few cover songs. What more could you ask for? Original content plus some classics. The crowd consisted of friends and family, which gave it such a happy, loving atmosphere. We’re sure having a good support system would make anyone feel at ease, maybe that’s half the reason the show was so much fun! The other half being the amount of talent oozing from that woman.

Her powerful vocals really came through, filling the venue from top to bottom. Finally, what more could you want from a gig, if not the addition of free t-shirts? It was such a lovely touch. If you’re as desperate as we are to know when she’s releasing new music, don’t fret, ‘Keep Me Safe’ was performed for the first time ever and is due to be released next month! How exciting?!

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