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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan LilyIsThatYou

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan LilyIsThatYou

In just about a year and with just a handful of songs, LilyIsThatYou has managed to become one of our favorite emerging pop artists! She refuses to be anything other than her fully authentic self and we love that about her. It also doesn’t hurt that everything she releases is a bop and a half.

So if you don’t adore her already, here are some reasons why LilyIsThatYou deserves a spot on your stan list!

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She Uses Her Music For Good

Lily is constantly speaking up about important issues with her music, from the anti-slut-shaming anthem ‘Purity’ to the climate change-inspired ‘Gorgeous Gorgeous Girls.’ Her latest track, the string-tinged pop masterpiece that is ‘Competition,’ is all about how women are treated online, in professional spaces, and even just in everyday life, and we love that she raised her voice about something that affects so many people.

As a female artist, I think it’s vital I express how truly sick I am of countless industries pitting women against each other—whether it’s music, fashion, or beauty. We are all so f*cking wonderful because we are unique. Embracing transparency and authenticity is the only way to move forward.


She’s Uplifting And Inspiring

Whenever she gets the chance, Lily is there to brighten up our feeds with a little dose of positivity! Whether it’s a motivational tweet, a sweet TikTok, or a fun Instagram live, she’s always encouraging her fans to live their best lives and we’re obsessed with that fact.


giving u the message i needed to hear this morning when i took this video

♬ original sound – Esteve <3

She’s A Fashion Icon

From her glimmering photoshoot looks to her effortlessly cool street style, every outfit Lily wears makes us wanna rummage through our closets and put together a new combination we hadn’t thought of before! She gives the same vibes as that one Pinterest board where you hoard all your favorite outfit ideas… come on, we all have one.

Her Makeup Skills Are Amazing

We couldn’t highlight Lily’s fashion sense without pointing out her standout makeup as well! She takes so many risks with her collection of palettes, glitters, and lashes and it always pays off. Some of our favorite TikTok and Insta lives she’s done are the ones where she’s just hanging out with us while playing with her makeup!

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She’s Just A Mood

Lily is one of the most relatable artists out there, and she’s absolutely hilarious in the process! Just check out her behind-the-scenes video from the set of ‘Moderation,’ which she filmed as a fake vlog from the perspective of a “full-time ballerina, full-time model” dealing with a loud neighbor, played by her best friend, Inta.

What are your favorite things about LilyIsThatYou? Which of her songs is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more artists you need on your radar, click here.


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